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GameCube nearing the end?


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I love Nintendo of old. Hope they can churn those good old SNES-like original games instead of rehashing Mario, Wario, DK and Zelda.


But for now, PSP is my friend, to bed, to the can, anywhere.


Can't stop playing....:)

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I have a natural hate for Sony. I even hate their batteries.

Yet you still love them every now and then. I know.

Only when they come out with a TV beyond my expectations! Speaking of TVs, I got a new 42" LG Plasma. Playing Tekken 5 on it is awesome.

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Then you obviously haven't played many GameCube games and merely just listen to what the crowd says, Swann.

Or perhaps I just gave up after a while seeing only cartoony games. And RPG's are the only things I'm into. GC didn't make enough to keep me interested for very long.

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