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MArio is running out of ideas...

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OMG! I was turning in my gamecube for some little cash and the guy says, "you shouldnt just yet". I was wondering why but then he told me that mario is coming out with some dance revolution game!!!!



Shouldnt this guy just die or does he deserve to even keep ma?king games that no longer have any thing to do with the old mario ways!

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but dont you think it all sounds it bit crazy!?

What happened to the mushrooms?

the adventure? Its now just games already made remixed into a mario style!


WATCH AND SEE...sooner or later

MARIO NBA: Mushroom Courtside!

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Mario sells..........period. Some people may be getting sick of it, but others aren't.

Every system has it's flagship, Nintendos is Mario.


I will however give you that they are putting him in WAY too many games that aren't fitting. Mario Superstar Baseball is really fun though, I totally enjoy it.

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I have never played a bad Mario game.




Never ever.


CDI games don't count.


No they don't.


U even liked mario party?

But anyway if u look at the pattern, u can kinda see mario slowly getting out of hand.

Sonic -team is coming out with a another sonic game called "Shadow" or w/e.....

Shadow is the main player but he now has a "huge gun" to dhoot pple..

I beleive that mario will have have the same result or somthing like that!

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