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Burn Iso to cd and speed


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My first time posting. I dont want to sound like a newbie but ive looked al throgh internet and dont want to waste anymore cd´s.



Game: Busta Groove 2


Format: Iso


Burners: Nero & Clonecd (daemeon tools)


Plz just tell me how to burn it so i can play it.


Step by step.


p.s. the how about the burning speed some say up 4x is the maximum ps can read...


I have a chipped psx btw. Thank you



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I have only burned one ps game before and that was tales of phantasia but it was in ccd format.


The way i burn is;


1. i load it into daemon tools (all options enabled)


2. Then i copy the (virtual drive) burning options at 4x speed


Now the files this iso image contains are;


A folder called STR and the other one beeing XA


BUST2.BIN, DUMMY.BIN,SLPM_862.19 and of course there is the system file,


i dont think the files are corrupted but i cant be sure. anyways thanks for your help so far. and any help means a lot so plz keep posting i need help with this.

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If you recognize the files are they okay is there any files missing...!?


And if you have burned iso image with either nero or clonecd please help with a step by step instructions i use the nero and "neroexpress".

and i have the version of clonecd


just simple instructions please if you burned iso images.


Now remember i'm not asking how to burn it on cd as iso image but how to make it work on playtation a iso image (just in case i mislead you in anyway :P )

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I haven't burned any of my PSX games, but I'll comment a bit anyway. For those games that I have burned, I just burn them as any normal data CD or a mixed CD.


The brand of the media and the speed used when burning seem to have a huge impact on the success of the burned CD. Also, different Playstation models react differently to the same burned copy.

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Okay first off, I reccomend that you go and download Nero 5, the newest one you can find, Nero 6 has alot of problems, after this, it should go something like this (Im doing this from memory)


Close the wizard and other windows, go to File, Burn CD Image, open your CD image, Follow the steps, and when it asks for a speed, pick 4X, when it shows a mode, like DAO/SAO, TAO/etc, Make sure you pickthe mode called RAW/DAO, The rest should be obvious.


Every playstation game i have burned this way worked for me, i have a model SCPH-7501 Playstation.


Also im not entirely sure, but this game might have some kind of weird copy protection, check www.gamecopyworld.com to see if they have a patch, if they dont it probably isnt protected.

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