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The video doesn't do any justice because it's a cam-vid.


Very nice. It's like Geo-Mod, but prettier.


It really doesn't make me drool. More like, be in awe.

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very awesome  its gonna take some hardware to run that.

Haha, yeah. This is supposedly going to be the first DX10 (WGF) game and will ship around the same time as Vista.

That is some damn good stuff and I can't wait to see some high quality videos of that. Also, keep in mind that the video is only of the alpha build of the engine so it's only going to get better from here. I'll assume that this video is the same I saw yesterday. The last part with the advanced shaders with all those faces looked absolutely stunning.

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is this meant to show us what the next gen gaming is gonna be or is this an actual game comming :thumbsup1:

Well, FarCry 2 is going to use that engine, but that isn't actual gameplay, just a tech demo.

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