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Prican25, you absolutely positively WILL NOT find mods for M1 Saturns. You're better off selling that puppy on Ebay and picking up an M2. Remember, oval buttons = M1, round = M2. (General consensus anyway, there have been reports of a few cases otherwise......generally noted as manufacturing processes were switching from M1 > M2)


Racketboy, I used to run my own store and Saturn mods were my numero uno sale point given my heavy interest and partaking in alot of Sega related areas. I don't know where you get your mods, but I could tell you where I got mine. My source was VERY cheap, mind you shipping wasn't so hot....but with enough items, air freight shipping (More than so many lbs required) it got cheap.

PM me if you would like me to name my source, I'd rather not post it publicly for competition reasons.

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well noted heh, i see in segaextreme forums there is a way of making a model 2 mod to model 1 but seems to be complicated :)


i might just go to a flea market nearby and see if the import shop there has a model 2 and possibly a/v or s-video cables as mine are missing.

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