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Metal Gear Solid 4.


Yes that is Snake we all know.

mgs4014cf.th.jpg mgs4022iy.th.jpg

>>MGS4 Revealed (PS3.IGN)

Devil May Cry 4.


Yes, that is Dante we all know.

dmc4010cf.th.jpg dmc4028is.th.jpg dmc4036xv.th.jpg

DMC4 Revealed (PS3.IGN)


>>Scans from 4chan


I knew it. Famitsu gets all the good Japanese games first. The latest issue contains so much juice it'll get you wet. I mean it. Wear a bib as you read on.


First, Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3 is announced for real and new art and screens seem to show Snake as...an aging cop? That's what I gather from the grey moustache and the wrinkles. Is this Solid Snake from the future? A brief interview with Kojima mentions that there will be psychological elements at play in the game. If you intimidate the enemy AI, for example, they may get spooked and be less likely to fire back.


If you've seen the scans floating around the web, you've seen Solid Snake an old man looking closer to actor Sean Connery than your classic Snake. With Big Boss' picture having shown up in the early artwork and this 'new' Snake wearing an futuristic eye-patch - we're not 100% sure who this really is. Is Kojima up to his old tricks again?


In a short interview with Famitsu, Kojima says MGS4 "...is a game for the old people. As a game designer in my 40s, I feel this is something I really need to do. I'll leave the teenage coming of age stories for my younger staff."


The setting for MGS4 is an intense battlefield with soldiers, tanks, and mini versions of the Metal Gear Rex walking the streets on patrol. A scientist we're guessing is none other than geek Otacon is also shown in the early screens.


What about everybody's favorite hero Raiden? Don't count him out yet. "This time around Raiden is really cool. He's completely changed. You'll see him in the TGS trailer."


As if that weren't enough, Dante also gets a makeover in Devil May Cry 4, only he looks younger, almost...baby-faced. Is this Dante from the past?


Dude. Stop messing with the space-time continuum!

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Ahem. The PS3 is so going to kick my ass to Sevent Heaven/Outer Heaven/whichever Heaven one prefers.


Good to see that the development teams have something to show for efforts efforts.

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I love that there is an MGS 4 but what happened to Snake. My god he is like 100 years old. He almost resembles Ocelot.

The man's got to age. It's logical after all, contrasting how illogical the MGS storylines can be.

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Also the fact that he ages faster because of his genetics apparently. Like Soildus looked older then he appeared.

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well...depends on the company providing the budget and the developers


for ex, Hideo Kojima bases some of his weapons off of actual military artillary (I read that one month on PSM on a big special about MGS2; really interesting)

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I think the games won't cost any more than what games cost now. The highest pricetag that I've seen (excluding Steel Batallion) was on MGS2 when it came out over here; ~€74.

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