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ATI Radeon or Nvidia GeForce ?


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Then again, I've never experienced any of the problems you mentioned.


Yeah, seems to work for some. :) Dunno why this happened (on 2 cards actually) but hell, we live in 2005 i think i can expect a 3D card to display windows properly. Im glad it works for you, but for some, it doesnt.

Anyway, on the other hand, ATI has nothing to compete against nvidias 7800 atm, and if they dont show up with something quick, we have nvidia rule the market, and it always sucks if any company does that.

So for the sanity of all of us, i hope Ati shows something soon.

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Well, what kind of card you should spend your money on depends on your PC a lot. It doesnt make sense to stuff a 6800 GT in a Pentium3 @ 550 MHz. So tell us about your comp a bit. CPU Type, clock and RAM will do.


From my experience, in my old Athlon Thunderbird @ 1.2 GHz comp i was running a Geforce4 MX 64MB and i changed it to a FX5200 128 MB and stuffed the geforce4 into a P3@550 MHz.

I didnt notice any improvements with the new graphicscard on my comp and was pretty dissappointed. Besides FX5200 supports DirectX9, so some games run now, which didnt run before but still were close to unplayable.

I guess the slow CPU was the cause.


So if you have a somewhat decent PC with lets say 2.0+ GHz CPU Pentium or 1.8 GHz AMD it may be smarter to save another month.

If you have a comp like my old one around 1.2 GHz, an FX5200 will be sufficient, as its hard to get anything below that.

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i have nvidia 6800 gt, but due to the circumstances, it is unlikely to be strong enought for games,and emulators,since next winter


but for now,any nvidia card 6800 if you afford the money is a good choice..yet the 7800 series are too much high expensive


here the prices starts from 400 euros,and beyond


and also you need decent pc with at minimum 2 gigahertz

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how a bout this :

Nvidia G-force 5200 128mb for about 60$

what you think?


You won't be able to run much with that. For best bang for buck, try a NVIDIA 6600GT if you have AGP. If you have PCI-Express, you can get a 6600GT as well, but for a few more $, you can get a ATI X800GT. Both should be cheaper than $300 Australian, so around $200 US.

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I have a Asus 6600 GT PCI-e in my Athlon64 3200+ and it runs everything just fine, from FarCry over Doom3 to HL2. From his question about the fx5200 i guess hes a little short on money (like all of us). I can rec the 6600GT it gives you the most fps for your buck (or Euro)

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