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Tekken 5.2 Dark Resurrection


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Scans from the Latest Arcadia report that a new Tekken 5 version is in the works, which will include 2 new characters ala VF4EVO. They are Lili and Dragonov. The game is scedualed to appear this fall in Japan.


11253128155782tq.th.jpg 11253224006832eo.th.jpg


Source: Arcadia/Ko-hatsu

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It will have various cosmetic and gameplay upgrades. Including more items and costumes. TBA right now on PS2, if it's ever coming out on it.

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As of right now, DR is a arcade exclusive only...



will this be on the ps2?


and only extras will be characters?


Details so far...


- Twice as many stages than in Tekken 5.

- The 2 new characters will be default.

- A LOT more items.

- No word on time released content.

- Only under certain conditions can you use your IC card.

- 34 characters total for now. Dragunov and Lili are the only new ones.

- Dark Ressurection was planned a LONG time ago. 5.1 did not have huge changes because Namco was secretly working on this.

- Namco is planning to have all characters playable at the Japan Arcade show early Sept.

- Dragunov is a human weapon that came from the frozen tundra.

- Lili is a rich girl from Monaco Park. Her real name is Emily.

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On the other hand IF DR comes to PS2, it likely wont have Devil Within or the ports of Tekken 1-3, so the current one won't be totally obsolete as such.


But this would make a much better TTT-esque PS3 launch title than an average budget price VF4Evo-esque release for PS2 weouldnt it?

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Tekken 5 is arguably the best-looking fighter on the PS2 as of now, and I doubt the graphics can get any better from that.


As for the Dark Resurrection not having the older Terkken ports, that might very well be true, which means that I'll probably get the original Tekken 5 anyway.


Then again, I already have the arcade ports of said games.

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