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Mame v0.99u5


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MAMETesters Bugs Fixed


docastle093u2ora [Corrado Tomaselli]

sindbadm37b2gre [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

mgakuen094u1gra [Roberto Fresca]

tdfeverj087u4gra [Roberto Fresca]




Source Changes


Completed renaming of core structures. Most pervasive change was "struct tilemap" is now just "tilemap". [Aaron Giles]


Added save state support to the Cinematronics vector games. [buddabing]


Added blending to the alt tilemap code in psikyosh.c, fixing the final boss in Sol Divide. [David Haywood]


Improvements to the Witch/Pinball Champ '95 driver: [sebasten Hegon]

* The games now show some graphics (the palette seems OK) and play some music and sounds.

* Since the controls are not yet figured out completely, they are still mapped as dipswitches.

* An NVRAM reset is required the first time you launch Witch (via the associated dipswitch). Pinball Champ seems to automatically do this.

* The sound part required some patching in sound/es8712.c. I disabled the hardcoded inconditional looping, and made the sound start when writing at offset 0x06 (cf patch). vmetal does not seem to be affected.

* As far as gameplay is concerned, the ball will freeze (in game and demo mode), and I don't know why. The video hardware is not completely figured out and may be the culprit.

* The coin in/out mecanism needs some work too.


Some improvements to Jolly Card: [Roberto Fresca]

* Added extra hardware info (pinouts and dips).

* Added the correct dipswitch to Jolly Card. Hopper and Points/pulse not tested due to preliminary driver state. The rest are working properly. Remember to delete the nvram and reinitialize to see some changes.

* Added almost the same dipswitch to Magic Card II (Bulgaria).


Significant changes to the save state system: [Aaron Giles]

* Added alternate save state pre-/post-load function types that take integer or pointer parameters. Updated several sound cores and other files to take advantage of this.

* Made state handler registrations track like other scoped resources (timers, memory) so that registrations can occur as late as MACHINE_INIT time.

* Added logic to detect registrations after MACHINE_INIT time and prevent saves in that case.

* Added logic to detect when CPUs or sound chips haven't registered anything to save/load. When this happens, info is logged to error.log and saves/loads are disallowed.

* Allocated timers are now automatically saved and restored as part of the save state. The global time is now restored as well as a bunch of CPU execution state. This should produce more reliable restores.

* Added logic to defer saves until all anonymous timers have cleared. If a driver uses many anonymous timers it may not be possible to ever successfully save, so the operation will time out after one second.

* Before restoring, the machine is now reset. This gives a more consistent environment for the load to occur.

* Re-enabled save state support for YM2151.

* Added save state support to the classic Namco sound system.

* Added save state support to the samples sound system.

* Removed anonymous timer usage in machine/scramble.c.




New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status


Muroge Monaco [David Haywood]

The First Funky Fighter [Luca Elia]




New clones added


SAR - Search And Rescue (Japan) [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

American Poker II (set 4) [Roberto Fresca]






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Psikyo PS5V2 hardware



Dragon Blaze, Psikyo, 2000

Gunbarich, Psikyo, 2001

Tetris The Grand Master 2, Psikyo, 2000

Tetris The Grand Master 2+, Psikyo, 2000




Board PS5V2 (Custom Chip PS6406B)


Dragon Blaze ©2000

Tetris The Grand Master 2 ©2000

Tetris The Grand Master 2 Plus ©2000 (Confirmed by Japump to be a Dragon Blaze upgraded board)

GunBarich ©2001 (Appears to be a Dragon Blaze upgraded board, easily replaced chips have been swapped)

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