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King of Fighters XI Website was updated with tons of screenshots and The Hero Team stats. The Hero Team consists of


Ko-Hatsu(japanese) reports that Samurai Spirits: Tenkaichikenkyakuden a.k.a. SS:Tenka a.k.a. KenSamu has been pushed for a September release.

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Tenka is set for September release in Japan. XI for November in Japan. TBA for American releases. Just because, like a year and half later for console ports.

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Is this supposed to use a new graphics engine, or the same old one?

I heard rumor of a system based on the Guilty Gear engine...

Nope, not even close. KOFXI system is based upon the last installment, which was 2k3. This system is more refined.


KenSamu's system is all the SS systems as "Spirits" ala CVS2's "Groove" system and has a new "Spirit" which sports "Blocking," otherly known as "Parrying."


Their graphical systems are just, lower res sprites, resized and cleaned up. Not redrawn. While the backgrounds could be the greatest thing, matching sprites on them certainly end up on the flimsy side.


SNK with Guilty Gear like graphics? WOW, end of the world when that happens. That's like saying Capcom is redoing Morrigan's sprite for a future game.

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