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StoneCypher Puts $1100 Bounty

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To someone or a team who can sucessfully create an open source TCP/IP implamentation for Nintendo's DS handheld.


GameInsider has found a page posting a bounty of currently $1127.57 for the person(s) that can successfully create a TCP/IP implementation for the Nintendo DS.


Joystiq // Gameinsider.com


Fixed some stuff. It isn't really Nintendo. B

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On Chris Double's site:


26 July 2005: For those that aren't already aware there is a bounty available for anyone who manages to work out the register set of the WiFi portion of the Nintendo DS for homebrew purposes. If you have the skills for this sort of thing, here's an option to earn some money. If you don't, here's a chance to donate some money to encourage those with the skills to give it a try.



It contains a link to a site with the details.

There are actually three sub-bounties. The total accumulated will be divided between the three individuals or groups which first attain each milestone. The register milestone is worth 50% of the bounty, and the other two are worth 25%, to reflect the difficulty involved in the first as compared to the other two.


* figuring out the register set to accomplish (specific list)

* implementing correct connect/disconnect code and implementing correct send/receive code, each of which works both with DSes and PCs

* bootstrapping TCP/IP (or, icky, UDP/IP)

Specific criteria for what qualifies are under development, since everyone's going to try to sneak something by.

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Didn't someone post this quite some time ago? I remember reading about this in a news post here or possibly somewhere else like at least 3 months ago.


What I really mean by this, is that I'm surprised it's still going on and theres been nobody who has stepped up and completed this already.

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