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Sega's Secrets

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While Jeffrey states that it is “more than likely” that we’ll see old franchises on the Revolution, he also calls Nintendo family-oriented, and Sega is looking at “which franchises are appropriate for different platforms.” I could be paranoid, but we may just see a lot of Sonic or Super Monkey Ball and a lot less of Shinobi or Altered Beast on the Revolution

Full article.


Sega have Secret Level working on a top secret project. A project believed to be the rebirth of a topsega logo Sega franchise from Days of Yore.


One enterprising individual has discovered that Sega recently filed the name After Burner with the US patent office. Okay, so it’s a bit of a leap, but could it be that this, of all properties, is the one Sega wants to relaunch? Curious decision if it is!



If anyone was around during the old Master System days, now would be the time to start guessing what this ninja IP is. And hurrah for Sega joining the rev!

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I read a few months back on egm that there were rumors going about of sega working on next gen software.

Everyone is working on next gen software. Sega is a big developer, why wouldn't they be? They'd be one of the first to jump on the next gen bandwagon.

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