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someone has a xbox360 at home and proved it haha


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what a retard. He must be one of those fps retards

Correction, one of those Halo retards. ;):rolleyes:


In my experience, thats one of the worst kind of retards.

along with the socom and rainbow six tards

Yeah, along with CS retards.

now that I think about it, I did not observe those in the scene during the 90's


were the Doomtards and Marathontards just as bad?

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No, not really. They were always enthusiastic but they were rarely tards.

ah, so they had their headstraight and everything, while hacking and doing other stereotypical stuff right?

Pretty much. Of course, that kind of changed when Quake came out but it will still never as bad as it is now. But that's because Internet gaming was pretty exclusive back then. Now it's not like there was never any back then. I saw some bad stuff while playing Duke Nukem 3D over TEN but it's no where as prevalent as today. Now anyone can do it which allows all the CS, Rainbow Six, SOCOM, Halo, and also the MMO griefer retards to join in.

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Hahahaha that was fast.

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