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Sega cd emulators

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Kega Fusion is the best Sega CD emulator out there. There isn't a better one. If some images don't work with Kega, then is with 98% certainty that the problem is in the image and not in Kega itself.

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Is SegaCD emulation worth the space?  I know that Ecco has some great music, and Eternal Champions CD is great, but is the tradeoff good?


Space? What space? Buy games or burn them. You don't have to keep them on your hard drive.

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Batman Begins

Earthword Jim

Ecco the Dolphin 1/2

Eternal Champions

Final Fight CD


Keio Flying Squadron

Lethal Enforcers 1/2

Lunar: Silver Star/Eternal Blue

Night Trap

Popful Mail

Rise of the Dragon

Robo Aleste

Snining Force CD




Sonic CD


Sure, some of these have appeared on other consoles or arcade, but that doesn't make the Sega CD versions any worse.

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Batman Begins? You mean Batman Returns? That game sucks, the regular Genesis version is superior. Anyway.........I'll add to that list.


Lords Of Thunder

Android Assault

Cobra Command

Corpse Killer (This IS fun despite it's looks)

Eternal Champions (I don't actually care for this game at all, as I don't like fighters.....but it's superior, especially the audio to the cart version BY FAR) Oh and I know you listed this one, but I had to add my POV on it.

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