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War of the Worlds

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What everyone needs to keep in mind, is that this was originally a spontaneous radio broadcast in 1938 that had people freaking out, it wasn't until the next day that it was revealed a hoax and became a "show". Find the original broadcast somewhere, I've seen it on a couple torrent sites.

I haven't even seen the movie yet, and I know it's gotta be pretty decent. I think alot of people expect far too much out of a movie these days. Some of the best movies I've watched were low-budget movies with cheap ass special effects but had a decent story.

This movie has really expensive special effects and a horrible story. I don't really expect too much from a movie, Redneck Zombies was an enjoyable experience for me, because at least that was funny.






Story: Man and his two children run from giant alien war machines that have been hidden underground forever. Meets a couple minor characters that have no real impact on the story, son dies in a huge explosion, meets another minor character who has at least some impact on the story, they finally reach Boston.


And then in the end, the aliens die from disease (which isn't actually explained 'til a monologue after the movie), there's no impressive counterstrike or vengeance for earth's destruction, they just die from being here. The man gets reunited with his divorced wife and son (the dead one), who have avoided any damage by hiding deep in a plot hole.



On the contrare(sp?) They did becuase they had no imunity for anything, remember they're aliens, no super man from krypton. They have space suits and shyt. They are not acoustomed to having microbs and shyt like that. Hey if like half of the indian population died when the anglo settlers came over to the americas then maybe a few aliens can die too, A/H! Jerk! :P

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Well that's exactly how the book was but instead of a modern family in New Jersey it was one man in England. So if you expected some sort of vengance of counterattack then you obviously don't know the source material it's based on. This isn't Independance Day, it's War of the Worlds.


I also edited your posts and added the spoiler tags.

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I did know they died from not having immunity to our diseases, the fact that that's what killed them is lame.


And no, I don't really know the source material it's based on, but I don't think that being similar to the book makes it a better movie.


And how do I put spoiler tags on things?

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To use spoilers tags:

[spoiler] [/spoiler]



The way I interpret the ending is that even though the Martians can destroy all of mankind with their powerful striders and heat rays, they are at the mercy of a tiny, invisible organism. It just shows that you need more than might.


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Just to clarify, the book by HG Wells was first, 1899... Orson Welles' thing was later, and it was not spontaneous- it was scripted.


Also it was not revealed the next day as a hoax- he announced that it was a radio play at the very beginning, and then again later.

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yeh , 1 thing i noticed.. well actually 2 but before i say it , it was a good movie but it wasnt outstanding :angry: and that little girl is a good actor, but she annoyed the crap outa me with her screaming and to be honest , his son looked older than him lol


1. u know how the power went out right ? well wat was up with the guy and the video camera how he was filming the alien ship that came outa the ground.... lol if u remember it , everything including cars + battery's and power got messed up

2. when he threw the sandwidge at the window , there it is on both sides of the windows

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I haven't read the book itsself, but an AM radio station near me plays the original radio broadcast every Halloween, and I try not to miss it.


I may catch the movie next weekend, along with Fantastic Four. I've been going to watch more movies recently, trying to get out of my house a little more. I saw Sin City Saturday night, and Batman Begins the weekend before.

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