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Haha I'm in Philipines!


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K`s big quote theory thread! I JUST GOT BACK WOOOOOOOOO


so like..is Gloria really gonna get ousted?


are you participating?

I lol`d and said ha. Then bought a Che shirt.


Enjoy your time there. I'm going back there myself this Christmas to celebrate with relatives and such.


The place rocked half the time. But christ is in and around the Manila area fill with people. Good side is I showed off my 3s skills, bad side is I showed off my arguably laughable MvC2 skills and won.


Hmm...come to Malaysia. My offer still stand :D


Maybe next year :D


Hay K´, how are you doing?




Get a hooker or two.


Tried too. I was at a flea market and you do not believe the amount of pornography selling booths and hookers on the street blending in with everyone


it's rainy season here ! and hot chix all around!  :angry:


I agree completely. Now I know why my family tells me to get a filipina girlfriend.


Ian Le Creme go's to the Philipines! Sounds like an adventure of a life time!












I'm back bitches :D

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Hey K' Dash where were you when you visited our country? I live in Cebu....

For the first week I stayed about 3 hours off from Manila, don't remember the province's name. Then I went to Palawan, which is an awsome place to visit. Then I came back, stayed in Manila till my flight yesterday. Most people I'm talking too right now can still tell the jet lag I'm on right now. Stuck in your guy's time. Cebu is FAAAAAAAAAR bro.

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