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Please tell me how to make a website but not free ones.


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Well thats a tuff one m8...



Do you use any web design programmes?, like, dreamweaver or frontpage...

Those are the most common used...

Geocities is a bad place m8 very bad..


Tripod, and lycos.uk have there own "site builder" [in other words an easey to use web designer]


So you could try them FAR better than geocities althogh tripod only scrapes in [old memories for me]



But if you want a site of your own you will need "dreamweaver" or "microsoft frontpage"


On designing your site you then have to upload it to an FTP...

All an FTP is...

Is a hard drive thats always 2turned on" and resides at whatever your server you have choosen...


Thats all i can tell you for now m8, if you need any more ansers, just ask iwill help you all the way :(

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hmm...thats the million dollar question, isnt it? :( i beleive you mean you want to make a site without any ads or popups. am i right? well...geocities, and the alike, do have pay accounts available which get rid of those forced ads and popups that they put on your site. there are also web hosts like http://www.coolfreepage.com which has a different way of supplying a free site. basically, they give your site one popup, but one that only comes up after the visitor has left you site. do you understand? so basically, the visitor to your site doesnt have to be bothered by any popups until they leave. you should do a search on google for "web hosts". many will come up.

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ok, fair enough... did that edit autimagically or did a mod edit it?


it was www.illf*ckinghostit.com with the obvious letter in place of the asterisk.


I really hope it wasn't a mod, because they're pretty stupid if it was.


the site's an excellent host... no ads, php support... excellent host.


censorship sucks ass.

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