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Just use DiscJuggler. Virtually fool-proof. Approx 130 burns with only couple failures. Those were likely down to corrupted images anyway. For any non self-boot images u will need a boot disc. Utopia v1.3 I found to be the 'best'. Tho as Agozer said most images have since been made self-booting. Heres all u need to know to burn.cdi images with DJ


Settings (Under the Advanced Tab):

Mode: Mode 1/DVD

Offset: 0

Block: 2048


Check "Add post-gap to 3rd party images"


Speed: Lowest possible (between 1X and 4X)


Any probs. Just ask. Good day.

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CDD is for CloneCD. You might want to use that for burning. However, you can use a CUE file to burn most images in Nero too. (although it only claims to support a handful of it's own image formats).


A CUE file is a normal blank file with the CUE extension like this:


FILE "Megaman X6.img" BINARY

  TRACK 1 MODE2/2352

  INDEX 1 00:00:00


So just make your own CUE file in Notepad and edit it so that it points to the IMG file like above. Then put it in the same folder as the image. Most burning programs (like Nero) should let you open the CUE directly and then the program reads the necessary info from that file.


If the game has actual CDDA tracks, then the layout of the CUE file is trickier.

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Notepad can open almost any file, not just text file you know. Just go to the Open dialog and select to show all files. Then just pick the right file.


When you are saving the changes, make sure that you sve it as a CUE file (as in, type in the extension as well and make sure you are not saving it as a text file).

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ok so just open it and re save it to a cue file

Yes, just make sure that it doesn't save the file as "something.cue.txt"


thnx....is there a way to rate this web site???

if not ill just say it right here ***** 10/10

:thumbsup1: I think we had a thread a while back where you could rate the site, but it's long forgotten.

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