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A Direct Connect Hub -- GameDay??


Would you want a day to get a ton of roms every week?  

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I have been thinking. Our Direct Connect Hub is doing preety damn good right now. But how about making a Game Day? Like every friday, we share a bunch of roms and download a bunch of roms.


Then we can all get a lot out of it.


- The minimum share would be like 50MB instead of 20MB.

- You have to have at least 3 slots open if you are on Cable or Higher.

- It would be on every week.

- The more advertising on the hub the more we won't have to have a GameDay. Then the hub will become so popular that there would be no point too it.

- And we can grow the FTP by doing this too.


What are you thoughts on this? Got any suggestions? :D:lol:

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Well the next time, i restart the hub, likly the hub will appear in the public

listings.. probabbly. I already made some changes.. this will increase the majority, Lets hope i can get this working before GameDay :D

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