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The Best Game Boy System of All Time??


What's The Best Game Boy System of All Time??  

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[fade:6972102a99]What do you think is the best game boy system that ever lived?[/fade:6972102a99]



- Original Game Boy


[ 8 Bit ]




- Game Boy Pocket


[ 8 Bit, But Smaller Design ]




- Game Boy Color


[ 8 Bit Color ]




- Game Boy Advance


[ 12 Bit (In My Opinion) Color ]




- Game Boy Advance SP


[ 12 Bit (In My Opinion) Color, Different Design, Plus Includes Screen Lighting ]





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dunno what you mean about 12bit advance/sp, they are 32bit


:D, I know that, but the thing is, they said that Playstation 1 was 32 bit too. But Game Boy Advance looks nothing like playstation and I think the graphics are just a little bit lower than Super Nintendo too. So I gave it a 12 bit! :D:)

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I vote for the newest version...

Plus we may even be able to see whats happening without a migrane :)

When they [nintendo] start to make use of the game cube link up the possabilaties are good to say the least,

I still think the graphics are crap thogh 32 bit my butt,...

We need new origanol games from nintendo, not revamp of old snes games, i personally would love to see a new zelda, it is about time nintendo started giving us more...

Althogh i have to say in there defence they are the only company with an origanol polacy.

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id have to go with the origional gameboy first, then the gameboy advance sp. even though i havent played the gba sp yet, if the main feature if screen lighting (FINALLY!!!!!! :) ), then id say thats a huge step in the right direction. i remember with the origional gb, when my family and i would go on a trip in the car, i would play the gb till the sun went down, then i would switch over to the sega gamegear (for obvious reasons :D ). eventually, they did come out with the wormlite thing that hooked onto the gb, but that didnt do a damn bit of good IMO. :D

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