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i wanted 2 know-


1.when about 2 erase a burned xbox cd-rw disc-do i have 2 full erase all the time?media Maxell.


2.is it ok 4 me 2 use discjuggler 3.5,because i used it for dreamcast iso games at mode 1,block 2352,raw,overburn an it worked perfect but try nero 6 and it was hell?


3.i have slayers auto installer 2.6 iso on my pc and it sames 2 be set-up right like the default xbe etc.so do i just burn it 2 test it out an if success, update the softwares and add roms then burn over again?


i hope this doesn't go against the rules

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i don't use rw's as much so i won't answer that but i can answer 2 and 3:


2: i personally just use dvd decrypter for all my burns and its freeware which can be found at www.dvdecrypter.com


3: the slayers disc i mostly use to setup new hdd's unless i got a x3 mod but don't rely on it for up to date apps as they rarely update the disc and its still using an old dash most n00bie would use (evox) which is well past due a upgrade.


i suggest using the disc for ftp access and add in any of the latest dashes and/or apps you like. and also note it doesn't come with emulators as the folder in the disc is empty at your option to add whatever you want.

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i hope this dosn't break forum rules but if so-let me know an i will edit.


i have slayers iso auto installer on my pc and i think its ready 2 be burned 4 the xbox-but everytime i burn it it still dosn't work 4 my xbox-

alcohol 120% and discjuggler 3.5 with maxell 650 mb cd-rw media.


any1 with these softwares and used it on xbox images whats your settings?


my xbox version 1.0


stupid thompson dvd-rom drive.

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I got a thompson and I always used memorex cd-rw x4 (kinda greenish box.) and they always worked fine for me. but if you have a dvd burner that would be better.

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its sometimes easiest to pop a cd-rom or dvd-rom or dvd-rw or dvd+rw drive into the xbox and replace the stock xbox drive just for new setups...so you can boot your cd-rw or any crappy media with no problems..


its always helped me...


these days i use a pioneer 16x dvd-rom slot loading drive with my xbox...its bad ass! :(

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well i only have maxell 4x 650mb,verbatim 4x 700mb, and  hp invent 4x-12x 700mb all cd-rw.


also what about my software q's

with alochol 120% I just burn the image, not changing any settings.


so burn your slayers or whatever and then pull the pc burner out and use it in xbox to setup hdd...then you can remove it and put stock xbox drive back in...takes minuts

good tip, I never thought of that. but I was lucky to find working media on the first shot.

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