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Life is crazy

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Do looks really matter? I seen a bunch of unattractivness in my school and they just whisper into the girls ears and 2 minutes later there in the jani's closet or under the stairway

You are right and wrong in some place.

Girls I know did not tend to go for the good looking guys or something BUT


1. you must have good sense of dressing.

2. you must be CLEAN!

3. be nice / naughty / humourous, depending on the girls'

mood :D


It works :D


For Fatal, he just keep up his image as the Cobain-type self-angst kinda guy :D

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  I've seen pimper. Don't make me bust out the fur coat and equip myself with hat and feather.


Kramer was a pretty cool pimp in an episode of seinfeld... gryph you know what i'm talkin about :D


what if fatal looked like kramer :P wth am i talkin about?!?

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