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The mamedevs have their own website.


Welcome to the official MAME development team site. This site is intended to be the official communications channel for the development team.


At the moment, this site is in "beta" mode in order to get feedback on the new license and the other info that appears on the left-hand side. Note that most of the text from the old license didn't really belong in a license, and is now a separate document called About MAME. If you have feedback, please use the contact form to send it to the appropriate place.


What you will find here:


announcements of official releases

links to the official source code distribution

information on the MAME license and trademark

links to useful MAME-related sites

a means of contacting the team and some of the individual developers


What you will not find here:


binary distributions of MAME

message boards

chat rooms


On the left side of the page is all the mame legal stuff.


>> http://mamedev.com/ [site]

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Does Haze has a distaste for the Raine project or their members? My only guess on if he did is beacuse Raine doesn't go for accuracy, just playability?

I think his answer was directed towards the people that biatch about MAME killing all other multi-arcade emulators such as RAINE. He just said that people should go work on those.

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