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Thought I should make a post regarding the update. <_<


As far as the SPI code goes (Raiden Fighters 2 etc.) I doubt this will be included. I've had a look at it, and the decrytion routines requires updates to core memory and cpu functions. Basically means a lot of updated code, some of which might not run fast enough on our trusty little xboxes. It's a shame really, but maybe someone with more coding experience could take a look in future.


The recent release of mame.93 brings a major overhaul to the sound processing, but unfortunatly this means there's even less chance of seeing a core update in future versions of mameox/mamedox, every new version of mame brings with it more need for processing power and while this is fine for the PC versions, its becoming a little too much for the xbox to take.


The forthcoming MAMEdOX is a step in the right direction though, adding some much needed updates and improvements to an already great application. Big thanks to HK$ for all the help, without him there'd be a lot of features left unfinished and a big thanks to BritneysPAIRS for all the help with the support files. it's more of an evolution than a revolution, but it should tide you over until we see a core update...you never know...

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Ive compiled a best of 2.85 gigs (750 game) no double ups (or clones if not needed) all the best, none that run bad, no rubbish....... but not sure if people will want this or stick with complete rom sets


I will definitely go for it... <_<


Just waiting for the release... newsgroup will be the best choice to spread it heavily...


Best regards



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hm... just a n00bish question, but will this baby have samba support?

... this would be sooo cheesy <_<

oh and... what's about +T+ "proper romsets" for the negeo cps1 and cps2 games? are these ones included? or will this set again totally differ?


greetz Xhor :)

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