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  1. jep.. there is interest *gg*.. this one is definitly a gogo! thx +T+.. i'll appreciate your work, this one was nagging me all the time, that these both got diffrent romsets cheers
  2. hm... k guys here's another n00b question... do i need more than just the roms for the games to work?.. liek for the neogeo games a kind of bios zip?.. it just hangs when starting a valid roms file... do i need these chds to get a game like bubble bobble to work? cheers Xhor
  3. @ BritneysPAIRS, jep fba is slower than mamedOX, this slowdown is significant if you play im comparison... but on the other hand.. its not so crucial. What in fact is very cool that all romsets in the dat files are working correctly... as seen on mameDox release there are a plenty of games that dont start.. cause the dat file seems not to fit to the buildin crcs cheers -Xhor
  4. hm... just a n00bish question, but will this baby have samba support? ... this would be sooo cheesy oh and... what's about +T+ "proper romsets" for the negeo cps1 and cps2 games? are these ones included? or will this set again totally differ? greetz Xhor
  5. yeah +T+, the generated dat works fine for me, but theres a comsmetic flaw, the "King of Fighter 2003, The Ultra Plus [bootleg]" is gonna listed in the "Zupapa!" "Game-Folder" right in the generated romcenter dat, or am i missing here something?! cheers & thx for your work Xhor
  6. wow +T+ you rock man. Thx for your fast update.. and the DATs, *gg*... its because of you that i'm now aboslutly addicted to fba-xxx. keep up your work, you will always get the honor that you deserve cheers m8
  7. woops... ok.. your build checks the ini in the savegmae folder ... now all my roms are listed.... but hum.. none of them are working anymore... evil, all work fine with my previous build... but your version is complaining about wromg or missing roms... So here's my question: Are your Rom Listings correct?, does this mean that all my roms are non standard or could possible result in bad sound an video data if i play with the old binary and this roms? cheers Xhor
  8. hm.. sorry for bothering you +T+, but.... ... it looks like your build doesn't use the inis. What i wanna say is, if i replace my old fbaxxx binary with your one.. it simply finds no roms. So i deleted my inis, this should result in an automatic rebuilding, but nothing happens... is your build restricted in the default rom path? Once again sorry for this n00b question, but hey, i have to ask this thx Xhor
  9. @ +T+ wow... once again the day is save *g* thx for your great effort greetz xhor
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