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Neo cream #Plug Pulled#


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its sad :wink:...but i guess in a way its good that you are taking the time to try and improve the site for the fans of neocream and/or neogeo in general. :) i wish you the best of luck dude. oh, and if you should need any help, you know how to reach me.:D

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Keep the faith people :D

Hey ME! at least you can change your avatar now a little :)

Thanks all the same m8.

Basely your review is saved and the next time you see it you will say.........COOL!


I can send sneak previews in frontpage format...

It going to look 1000 times better...well better at least. :wink:

Plus this is just a hobbie....Im doing this with neo geo stuff to get my exsperiance...

For the top secret site i have planned...

Come september i wont have much time to do anything....

so i will work like a dog now and try and enjoy life the best i can....


chois to youz as well.

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