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Your top reason why Kawaks > all

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Kawaks is cool coz i could always pull wolf version off filemirrors to play svc chaos at school and at work etc :clapping:


Oh well Im back with FBA now my first emulator for all this. I loved it back in the days it didnt play Neogeo even... which was sorta the only reason I used Kawaks at all :D

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Well usually i like Kawaks because it user friendly, but to bad the feature in Nebula is much than kawaks, for example the Graphic Enhancment, Nebula already support HQ2x and LQ2

well at least Kawaks screencapture is more eficient than Nebula

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Although I also use MAME and Nebula, Kawaks is definately great for me because it's easy to rip game sprites and the like. Nebula is cool for it's NeoGeoCD capability, though.


This man speaks the truth. Shot Factory & Tile Viewer = <3


Plus the macros are really helpful for poor SOBs like me without PC controllers that otherwise would be stuck trying to pull off all that crazy fighter jazz on a keyboard.

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