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Cell phone hero!

Elazul Yagami

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source http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6716234

Retiree tussles with younger man over swearing

‘Somebody’s got to do something,’ 79-year-old


saidThe Associated Press

Updated: 4:30 a.m. ET Dec. 15, 2004ST. PAUL, Minn.



- A 79-year-old retiree who tussled with a man half his age over the man’s foul language in a restaurant was sentenced to probation — but outside of that, he’s been treated more like a hero than a criminal.


Bill Stevenson said the fracas began in July when he and another retired 3M engineer, 74-year-old Sten Gerfast, were having coffee at a bagel shop. In walked 40-year-old Jesse Tabor, talking on a cell phone and liberally using four-letter words, the men said.


In an interview after the incident, Tabor said he didn’t recall cursing. But Stevenson and Gerfast remember it differently.


“There was an argument on the phone,” Stevenson said. “The third time he walked by our booth... Mr. Gerfast said to me, ’Should I do something about it?”’


So Gerfast tapped Tabor on the shoulder and asked him to take his call outside, Stevenson said. But Tabor, who was with his 13-year-old daughter at the time, dismissed him. Stevenson said he got involved when Tabor continued to shout obscenities.


“I’ve been in lots of different places, but when I heard that kind of stuff coming in my hometown, I thought, ’Somebody’s got to do something,”’ Stevenson said.


Stevenson grabbed the phone from Tabor and the two men engaged in a few seconds of tug-of-war. Thinking better of it, Stevenson said he let go and Tabor “went sailing across the floor.”


'They're all on my side'

Stevenson pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct Tuesday and was given three months of probation. But even the lawyers at Ramsey County District Court were giving him thumbs-up signs as he left the courtroom, he said.


“I’ve had over 30 calls and letters and e-mails, and I’ve not had one negative call. They’re all on my side,” Stevenson said.


Gerfast was acquitted of disorderly conduct charges last month. Tabor failed to appear at a September hearing and a bench warrant was issued for him.


Stevenson claimed Tabor “mocked me about being an old man.”


“I just sat there and drank my coffee,” Stevenson said. “I thought, 'You can think what you want, mister, but a couple of senior citizens stood up to you, and we ought to get a little bit more respect.”’

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Props to the old man. Some people dont have any respect anymore, saying what ever they want where they want. That reminds me of a guy who was answered a phone call while in the theater. I was watching AVP at the time.




I told him to shut the f up. He didnt and so i got one of the theater workers. They kicked him out and so i laughed.



But yeah, common sense people.

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Maybe this is slightly off-topic, but I find it funny when people are talking on their cellphones and "accidentally" start shouting when they thing that the person they are tallking to doesn't hear them well enough.

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I'm all for the old man here. I don't think he should have grabbed the phone, but it's awesome that he did anything at all. People have a tendency to give the people on the other side of their cellphones more respect that the people who are sitting on the other side of the proverbial bench. And ok, free speech and all, but when I go out for a cup of coffee or something, I really don't feel like hearing someone cuss their head off all day. You can handle your petty domestic disputes in private.

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it gets VERY VERY f**king annoying when you're trying to enjoy a nice romantic date with your girlfriend at a nice resturant, and your sweet nothings are interrupted by a guy 5 tables away screaming at his co-worker/spouse/kids.


it gets even worse when he describes in detail what he's planning on doing to the guy/girl on the other side "i'm gonna ream that f**ker in his ass!....etc "

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