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What did you play most recently?


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finished Portal 2. it was OK. funny and hard in places.

I tried WWE All Stars but my god the loading.........Loading..........Loading.

I'm not getting any younger so DELETED!


Still plugging away at the MK challenge tower.

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the story mode is the best story mode in all of fighting game history.

In all fighting game History? In all fighting game History doesn't even...












Seriously though, the game is definitely worth picking up, i've been playing it all spring break. :)

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Way of the Samurai 3

Mass Effect 2

Portal 2

Masters of Orion II

Black Ops


I want a a FPS with portal guns. Imagine what kind of levels youd have to design to to take advantage of this mechanic! Anyway, Im enjoying Portal 2 over the rest currently... with non linear thinking, the mind feels unrestrained, free. Its a good sensation.

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I played about 10 minutes of Magicka on PC. not my kind of game.

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