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GBK is here...now..who from the a@h forum is here too?

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Blimey, we should call this place A@H2 (or maybe the other way around -  :oops: )


ok...i think im going to vomit. yep...i was right. :idea:


:idea: j/k


Hehehe - sorry girls it was early sunday morning when I posted that. One of the perks of being a DJ is the free alcohol... but methinks I overdid it a little last night!



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no clans here...no pop ups here...but gbk is here..and when i m bored of what i have done in the a@h forum i will be a (i hope so) good andhelpfully member here...but in these days the gBk and what all those people write in a@h is just too funny as to be here more time...nice to meet you the other a@h members here...and i hope here i am not able to start a clan here :shock:

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Whats up with the long name Fuel Chaos ?? :roll:


By the way, FREE FROM POP UPS Thanks Keep up the good work

Its a charm from EF, we will not as a probmise not have any advertisements placed upon the site or forum.. :lol:

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