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Emulation suggestions..


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For whatever reason I simply don't like using my PC to play games. For me, being raised on Master System/SNES etc I cannot fathom gaming outside of the console. So I finally gave in and got myself a new Xbox in order to make use of my 'modest' collection of emus/roms. So what I'd like to know is which emulators just work, and will the roms I already have work or require modification? My main interests would be N64/SNES/GBA,CPS1/2 and some NeoGeo too.



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Well for one your roms don't need to be changed in any way if they work on the pc. Now I'll make a list of the best(well at least in my opinion) emulators.


N64 - Surreal : It runs certain games well but not all of them. Version 2.0 will hopefully come out soon and it's supposed to be kick ass.


SNES - XSNES9X : Can play almost anything without any noticable difference from the real thing.


GBA - Xboyadvance : My favorite emulator since it plays the games very well. Some games do tend to slow down a bit, but not much.


CPS1/2/Neo Geo - fbaxxx : All in one package emulator sinse it plays all three systems really well and it can play certain other kinds of arcade games.


Hope this helps.

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just keep this in mind:


mame ox is only at v84 so only roms that aren't changed to the latest mame will work.


kawa-x uses older sets of neogeo before the big rom changes that was done around mame 80 if i remember right. also kawa-x uses only decrypted sets. some cps1/2 may have been changed to what kawa-x really wants but most work as is.


older versions of fba-xxx (9-1 and less) have been updated to mame's updates of that time while the latest fba-xxx uses an older source without the updates.


best genesis emu is bascally the gens emu for pc so if you know what works on that, it will work on xbox's.


best nes emu is based on fce ultra tho it hasn't been updated to the latest version but most likely your nes roms will work fine as is.


best snes emu based on snes9x and again whatever the pc version can play, the xbox one should as well.

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