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  1. Please anybody. I'm using Krayzie's UXE 2.8 installer if that matters but I'm sure it doesn't.
  2. I'm so confused it isn't even funny. I don't post here much and when I do it's because I have a problem. Sorry about that but I always get the help I need. Anyway like the topic says I can't get fbaxxx 02/08 to work. I've deleted the old save folder in TDATA on the Xbox. I haven't updated in a while and I read I needed to do so. I erased the save that is found in the Xbox save manager. I have the skins.rar file but that isnt't needed anymore since this update comes with the default skin. I even downloaded the newest uni bios cause I couldn't figure out why this isnt working. Everytime I launch the emulator it locks up my Xbox. So please somebody help me.
  3. Exactly. Everything is done by software. There are a lot of different softmods you can use. Some are easier than others, and some allow you to use Xbox Live.
  4. Well for one your roms don't need to be changed in any way if they work on the pc. Now I'll make a list of the best(well at least in my opinion) emulators. N64 - Surreal : It runs certain games well but not all of them. Version 2.0 will hopefully come out soon and it's supposed to be kick ass. SNES - XSNES9X : Can play almost anything without any noticable difference from the real thing. GBA - Xboyadvance : My favorite emulator since it plays the games very well. Some games do tend to slow down a bit, but not much. CPS1/2/Neo Geo - fbaxxx : All in one package emulator sinse it plays all three systems really well and it can play certain other kinds of arcade games. Hope this helps.
  5. Seeing that I have no idea how to get this release, I still have a question. You said you added tmnt. My question is which one did you add and how well does it run?
  6. Great googlly mooglly. This sounds to be awesome. Can we expect this release to be on Xbins. If not can you PM me where to get it. I haven't updated fba-xxx since the newer games were taken out of the official version.
  7. I love my modded Xbox. All my old systems in one convinient package. One major reason I prefer to use the Xbox to play emulators is for the controller. I really hate pc controllers. And what's all this talk about getting a modchip when soft modding is way easier and obviously cheaper since it's free. And Xbox-scene is the best place to find out all this information.
  8. Has anyone even played this game or did everyone just read that it was good?
  9. Yes you can if your connecting directly from pc to xbox.
  10. Is this new look going to change the way we navigate through the site? I like the current format. It's easy to go through.
  11. According to Xport the Xbox cannot read the information of Playstation games on a cd.
  12. I've been trying to get xbl stuff without xbl for a while now. All the answers I got were that it's impossible because of the way the content is assigned to each xbox. Though I am still hopeful that this is not true.
  13. All I know is that yes I requested roms before, but I also came here asking for help and got it. So i'm not leaving.
  14. At first my games didnt want to load. Then after I changed the numbers not only did the banned games show up all of my neo geo games started to work. Disregard the above. To fix the problem switch sound interpolation to HQ mode.
  15. The xbox cannot read the information on playstation disc even if burned. The game needs to be transfered from a pc in order to play.
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