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Company Launches JFK Assassination Game


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Yes, this was on Yahoo this morning.


sf2_ryu Posted Today, 09:53 PM

  i heard aboot this game on the radio it's kinda wierd that they would sell a game that basically the point of it is to KILL the president. 


No, the point is not to KILL Kennedy per se, but rather to prove the stupidity of various 'conspiracy theories' floating around on the net. Still, i think it is in poor taste and must have started as a joke - i mean, imagine the planning session:


Developer 1: Dude, we seriously need another project.


Developer 2: I'm thinking. Hold on while i take another hit from this crack rock.


Developer 2: Dude - the source code - it's moving. The zeros are telling me to kill you.


Developer 1: Eureka! A JFK assassination simulator! Pass ME the crack.




Anyhow, has anyone actually plated the game? I'm sure its just one of the hundreds of crap programs flushed on to the web every day...

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Anyhow, has anyone actually plated the game?  I'm sure its just one of the hundreds of crap programs flushed on to the web every day...


I only played the demo. That picture I posted is from that. I want to find to full version.


Now I just want to play as John Wilks Booth and dispatch of Lincoln. :devilboy:

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yeah i remeber the ut mod for the twin tower thing.. rather sick i think. I always think they should leave relife events out of videogames. Some war games are fun but atleast your not actully play a real person who died in the war. lol only thing i wonder is does this emulate the magic bullet theory?


anyways rather sick gives gaming a bad name.

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I took this from a different forum that I visit...often


JFK Reloaded - I was lookin' for responses of this game when I thought of this topic. If you don't know what it's about it's just the reenactment of you playin' as Lee Harvey Oswall and you try to kill JFK just as he did. (I'll like to see somebody make a mod from this usin' other presidents or world leaders.)


911 Survivor - This game is about the World Trade Centers of course, and isn't finish yet but I can only imagine how it's goin' to turn out.


NY Defender - This flash game is about defendin' the WTC's from incomin' airplanes. The english version is at albinosheep.com but the server is so busy there, so I'm sure this french verison will do.


Extreme WTC Jumper - Another 911 flash game where you score points performin' moves in the air before you go splat.


If you know of any other sick, twisted, psycho games like these post them. If you're offended by these games post that too. If you have any ideas for a new sicko game post that aswell.

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