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KAWA-xHEX king of fighters '94-2003 **WORKING**


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As far as I know, roms patches 'R not allowed on the forum... am I wrong ?


Here is a pic of decrypted & fixed roms crc U should use (mslug4nd, svcnd & kof2k3nd 512 K S1's 'R not added yet) :


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nice, i find this odd but for some reason kof2k2 won't work properly with the p1/2 i use which is the same i use on other emus (fba/xxx and mame) heres their info:

p1 CRC 9EDE7323

p2 CRC 327266B8


EDIT: i fixed it, it was the p2

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This is normal ; here is the explanation :


p1 CRC 9EDE7323 -> needn't decrypted stuff

p2 CRC 327266B8 -> this P2 is the original one, it needn't decrypted stuff but it is scrambled. After descrambling P2, U get P2n crc32 432FDF53.

That's why FBa-XXX named kof2k2 decrypted C's set as kof2002d (for decrypted C's only, P's 'R unchanged).

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thx for explaining


now i just need he rotd p1 patch and svc p1 patch but for svc sake, i'm wondering if you're using the set thats on johnboy's dat?


if it is then i only got the c's heh


also whats the proper XOR for matrim as i tried 6a and it didn't seem to boot at all (black screen)

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Matrim C's Xor ^ value is 6A, it works fine. Btw, in this case, U've to use matrimnd (fully decrypted).



Here 'R the roms patches U need :


1- 264-p1_b8cc969d_to_3b0bc22b :


Author : HappyAsr

Release : 2004.03.xx

Version : -

crc32: 3B0BC22B

sha1: 0F5097304D834A0F32DC22519F52E473060AD89B

size: 4194304



- Bases on p1 crc32 B8CC969D (to be percise the first 6 512k segs)

- Useless data removed (10x 512k segs)

- Console mode enabled

- Some timing issues fixed



2- svc-p1_1cc8fb7a_to_46828b7f ;



3- 266-p1_5d4c2dc7_to_7be60e6b :


- MVS protection removed

- NRX freeze fixed

- useless data removed


source crc32: 5D4C2DC7

target crc32: 7BE60E6B

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thx for the patches as i got rotd and svc now running great but still got a prob with matrim for some odd reason :lol:


i used the patch and got the p1 right and used neoencrypter or even the *alien emu* to decrypt the c roms but all i get on kawa-x is just a black screen.


here's the CRC's of the encrypted C's i use for matrim:

C1 505F4E30

C2 3CB57482


C4 45B806B7

C5 9A15DD6B

C6 281CB939

C7 4B71F780

C8 29873D33


EDIT: i just notice the pic you added to your older post and see that the p2 i had was wrong and i fixed that but now i get text/health bar garbled gfx which i think is my s1 since it doesn't match yours. mines is CRC C4F4ED0E


EDIT 2: got everything running ok now (found the s1) tho i did notice your p1 for mslug5 and most of the C's for samsho5 are different then mine but the ones i got work good none the less, big thx for helping as my buddy will be happy :banghead:

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