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What iso making program will let me make an xiso


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I usually use simplex to make my xiso files from a backup.But unfortunately it only let's you back up games as big as 3.99 gig or less.It won't let me backup any games bigger than 3.99 gig.What other simple to use programs will let me backup xbox games bigger than 3.99 gig?

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4Gb file limit - fat32

2Gb file limit - fat16

Microsoft File System Comparison


Its actually 4gb minus 2 bytes for fat32

and 2gb minus 1 byte for fat16


To upgrade -


C:\>convert /?

Converts FAT volumes to NTFS.


CONVERT volume /FS:NTFS [/V] [/CvtArea:filename] [/NoSecurity] [/X]


volume Specifies the drive letter (followed by a colon),

mount point, or volume name.

/FS:NTFS Specifies that the volume is to be converted to NTFS.


eg. convert d: /fs:ntfs

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<_< 4 gigs is Max for Fat 32


can anyone tell me is there anyone doing any mods to MameoX I want to start working on source code just to add screenshots in List mode


would be great to add this :banghead:

all Roms work sweet unless sound hack for Street Fighter 1 or later Midway games or Xbox get way more powerfull for 3d games



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screenshots work as is but the file limt in xbox seems to effect it as i read.


theres no sound hack for sf1 nor was there one; sf1 just needs ram and it will play fine. midway DCS hack is only on older mameox's (71 and down)


3d games on mame still have a long way to go and won't play well on xbox due to specs (same goes for any chd game)

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