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[11/14/04] Katamari Damacy

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Name: Katamari Damacy


Genre: Gumwad simulator


System: PS2



First off, let me tell you that this game is quite a trip. Quite an acid trip anyway. I can't describe to you just how...see? I don't even have an adjective for it. It's too much of whatever it is.


The game opens with your father, The King of the Cosmos, teaching you how to roll a ball around. Neato.


Later, he goes for a frolick through the skies, and kinda accidentally breaks all the stars. Oh noes! :blink: It's your job, rather than his, to make new ones.


How might you do that, you may be wondering. Well, first, you have to get a Katamari. That's a ball that everything sticks to, and everything stuck to it retains the property of stickiness, enabling an endless string of attachments. You control the ball with the joysticks ONLY. No annoying button combinations, just simple maneuvering. With your Katamari, you must collect enough matter to create a star. And everyone knows that Earth has the most stuff on it, so off you go!.


You're dumped into some unfortunate families house, where you roll your 5 cm ball around to pick up things like pushpins, matches, and candy. But as stuff sticks to the ball, the ball begins to build up layers, and layers of stuff, allowing you to pick up bigger stuff! And you just keep rolling until time runs out, or until you complete your objective. In the later stages, you'll be rolling TONS of stuff onto this ball. And I mean literal tons here, maybe even megatons. I don't even want to spoil all the stuff that ends up on your ball for you.


There's 10 main stages, where you gather enough things to create a star. And there are also other stages, where you try to gether specific types of objects, which are used to create constellations. About 20 total, you may be left wondering how long the game lasts. The answer: forever. You can spend a very long time perfecting your craft, and enjoy it, too. This is just something that never gets old.


Also, in each stage, there's a "present". A little box containing an item you can use to decorate yourself. They're fairly well hidden, as I haven't found many of them yet. If you decide to find all of them, good luck.


Multiplayer! It's not as fun as single player, unfortunatly, but it's still good, and fully functional. It's the stage you play on that's the problem. The stage itself is a set bowl, that widens as you grow. The items themselves vary, however. So it doesn't truly repeat itself often. And if you're competing against competent friends (as in friends who aren't abusing something) then it's still awesome!




The music is amazing! I'm not exactly a fan of JPop, but it fits the game so well, you can't help but love it. Especially the main theme. That could be bouncing around in your head for a while.


Sound good enough yet? To top it all off, it's only a 20$ game. You get all this trippy joy for only 20$. That's less than a sheet of Ecstasy, with the same effect. Reusable, too.


Gameplay: 10/10

Music: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10

Control: 10/10


Overall: Perfect 10


You should play this.


Now we're rollin'!

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My roomie just got this for his birthday. The first thing I thought when i saw it was "When did the Japanese start dropping acid?"

Seriously, Namco went very different with this one, but it honestly isn't a bad game at all. Very entertaining and difficult.

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