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  1. Hey BritneysPAIRS Thanx for not forgeting the xbox 1 users MAD.
  2. but the 120GB HDD is expensive 199Euro, (germany)...... mad.
  3. CPS3 for Xbox 1 ? a dream come true mad
  4. Hi Do you have the neogeobios installed in your Emulator mad
  5. Hi All this mame versions based on mameoX v.84b3. The coders have coded for some mame versions special features, (game-pictures,more memory support and so on.) 1.Mamedox Its a mame emulation for Xbox,that witch contains roms that you can use only with mamedox. 2.Mamedox Platinum2 Its a update from mamedox,with many roms that you can use only with mame- dox Platinum2 3.MameoX128Plus This Mame mame version support Xbox with 128MB&64MB memory The coders have coded some special features(Mame history,game history and so on) 4.Bender MameoX HSFII Edition. This is a special mame version for the game : Hyper Street Fighter II The Anniversary Edition (Asia 040202 & Phoenix Edition) 5.Mameox v.84.b3 Its an old mameversion for xbox. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________ In my opinion.......... I have Mameox128 Plus on my box. This version supports most of all roms(more than 5000 games) But witch version you prefer is up to you..... I think all versions have advantages and disadvantages mad.
  6. Hi I think we can look hopefull in the future ! The day will come we can use homebrew on xbox 360 mad.
  7. Hi I think the mame versions for xbox(mamedox 1.1,mame 0.84,Platinum(2) ) use the same core.The diffrens about the diffrent versions is that the coders added some new gamedrivers and special-features(e.g.mamehistory, gamepics, ans so on). I think the MameoX128 support the most of the games :oops!: mad
  8. Hi I have found it on emule.The downloadrate is acceptable , but in next time, I change to giganews. mad
  9. Hi HK$ So it is if you bild, at new mane version for Xbox 1 that you add new drivers for new games ? ? ? Mad.
  10. Thanks ! P.S: I hope someone have too much time, to try it Mad
  11. Hi HK$ ! Is there any chance to expect a new version of MameoX(oX128Plus) with a new core, like the Pc version(Mame 111) on 2007 ? mad.
  12. Hi BritneysPairs ! We need a little help! We have downloaded mamedox 1.5b (platinum). Then we burned it to a cd-rw an run it in the xbox. Then TDATA and UDATA are being copied and installed, but nothing else happens. What did we do wrong???? Mad01
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