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  1. So it is possible to be added and than recompile the app, because is only want it to get it to work for the bunjalloo webbrowser and it aint to hard to recompile it. But it is possible to edit the current wifi library and add support for it?
  2. i know that the current version of dswifi doesnt support connecting to a ap that doesnt broadcast an SSID. However i have a few questions concerning this: -why doesnt they add support to connect to a ap that doesnt broadcast SSID? -are they planning to add support for it? -Is there a way to get around this so you can connect to an acces point that doesnt broadcast his ssid. This is really frustrating me since with normal games it simply works and with homebrew it doesnt do crap. Is it possobile to add support for it manually in the dswifi library or is this way too hard to do? I hope so
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