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  1. So why it works for someones ? (I hadn't tried and i would prefer not to have to...)
  2. Hi, I would like to connect two DS without using an AP (that's what is called nifi ?), looking at the FAQ it's supposed to be soon supported ... since october 2005 I don't know what are the obligations of a wireless protocol, but if they are simple (packets order & checksums) i can manage it, but all i found was only the low level access to the DS's wifi device, which i would prefer let to a library (in case the doc change i just will have to rebuild) If Ad-Hoc mode could be managed as easily as connecting to an AP it would be far easier to code but well i can make things without it. Maybe will i need to use something else than dswifi ? But i didn't find any Thanks in advance for answering
  3. Try to set the wifi channel of your router to 10
  4. Hello, I've looked at most of posts about the problems with the new DS Lite and made some tests here is what i get: -Everything works just rightly with commrcial DS games, including when launched from my R4 linker (which rocks but that isn't the problem ) - Tried three channels: 1 and 2 don't even get recognized by wardriving, while setting on channel 10 works and connects (with WEP 64bits & DHCP), wardriving (don't know for associating) works for channels 11, 10 and 7 at least. -Setted my wifi card on my computer to monitor and looked at packets: dswifi test doesn't send any when i search aps or wardriving, while WFC configuration does send some broadcasted requests, so i have a softap which isn't detected by dswifi test while it is by official WFc configuration. So DSWifi works on some routers on some wifi channels (I will try to make a more complete list later) ... PS:I only tried dswifi 0.3.2 apps like DS Organize or ds_wifi_test at the moment
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