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  1. To speedup the download just set the maxrate to 0x14 (example WIFI_REG(0x4008)=0x14; ) Works good My best score : 10Mbytes at 68bps... but it fails to 20kbs then .... i check wifi whitebook, may be its linked to the wifi protocol Lilou
  2. The nds wifi connexion starts with a bandwith of 80kbps and then after a while fails to 20kbps. And then there is no way to reach the previous 80kbps, except to RESET the NDS. I modify the nds wifi lib and i have a partial success, i download 6M bytes at 70kbs and then it fails to 20kbps. So, i'm convints that's it's linked to NDS harware config. May be the powersave of the NDS. So, if someone has a suggestion .... http://masterlilou.wordpress.com/
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