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  1. Can the CPX3 code be integrated into FBA-XXX Pro, so it's like an emulator within an emulator (like Surreal64)? That way they only share the GUI but have different emulator cores, shouldn't affect resource use. It would just be really cool to have CPS1, CPS2, and CPS3 under one roof.
  2. The official FBA does support CPS3 now, so why not port that code instead?
  3. Why isn't this build called Pro? Is it separate from the 1.1x Pro releases? I am still getting the ugly green screen on NeoGeo games boot, I thought that was already taken care of in FBA-XXX Pro 1.12? FBA-XXX Pro v1.12 ============= ... - Patched out HW test in Neo-Geo games. (removes ugly green screen on boot) (by iq_132)
  4. I guess the old MameOx icon is gone... XBMC is displaying a generic xbe icon. Is there a way to bring the old one back? Or maybe BP can make a new one based on his skin and embed it in the xbe?
  5. Dip switches for "X coins/X credits" in CPS 1 games still don't work. And dip switches in CPS2 games don't work, period. I thought all dip switches were changed according to MAME?
  6. There is a dipswitch-related bug in Street Fighter 2' and Street Fighter 2 CE (and possibly other CPS1 games). When changing dip switches to 1 coin 2 credits, FBA XXX Pro actually does the opposite--it changes it to 1 coin 1/2 credits.
  7. My FBAXXX freezes when I click the right thumbstick to exit the game. It's the latest version and patched with the latest Pro patch. Anyone know why this is happening?
  8. Gotcha. So are the ND versions the best ones to play as far as minimizing RAM/CPU resources and shortening load times (both on Xbox and PC)? If there is an N, D and ND version of each ROM, is there a point in keeping the N and D versions (other than for completeness purposes)?
  9. Thanks for the welcome I have finally found a MAME-compliant set, it's called Neo-Mame32-Plus!-0.95-COMPLETE. I guess it should be current as of version.95. I am not sure what Mame32 Plus! means, but I've been seeing that designation a lot--could it possibly add newer non-MAME rom support? From a quick glance at this set, it seems to be missing the fully decrypted KOFs (kof2knd, kof2k2nd, kof2k3nd), but it has the fully decrypted Metal Slugs. Were the KOFnd's added after.95?
  10. Does the BAED3b set work with FBAXXX Pro. I'd rather not waste my time with it (it's over 3GB) if it doesn't have the latest updates (the S roms for fully decrypted roms, i.e. mslug5nd, kof2k3nd, etc).
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