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  1. how does Radiant Silvergun run in coinops x with upgraded cpu?
  2. try this. boot your 128mb xbox and load FBL then try to launch a cps3 game. it will load very slow and run the game bout 5 fps. now reboot load coinops x and just reboot thru coinops then load FBL and run a cps3 game. loads in a matter of seconds and game runs fine. same goes for the n64 emu. thats why I have my box boot to a fake .xbe that is the default.xbe in coinops then hold down A button to boot xbmc. works wonders on a 128mb box
  3. 128mb helps in emulation because i also have a 64mb box and lots of emulators run much better on the 128mb box plus fbl runs cps3 roms which it doesnt on 64mb box. i did the mod myself and was thinking bout double stacking ram chips on one board just to see if i could get 256mb.
  4. I set up a fake boot on startup of the default.xbe of coinops then hold down a to boot xbmc to get what ever magic that xbe does to a 128mb xbox then i can launch all cps3 games from a .cut file. help anybody know where I can get xmv movies of all cps3 games, killer instinct games, run and gun and monster maulers.
  5. if you have 128mb xbox the FINALBURN.XBE within coinop x will launch all cps3 games even 3rd strike which is a huge game. Final burn plays these games much better than cpx3 emu. Warzard plays so smooth. The jojo games also are smooth. just change the status on these games in the romstatus.xml to launch the finalburn.xbe. You can even use a .cut file to launch these games from xbmc dash
  6. fixed run n gun! sweet! i have had this game running for about a year now but only 40fps. please tell me you got it to run 60fps. or did you just fix the rom checks
  7. very playable on 128mb xbox 60fps and dips down into the 40fps range just for a second. phil i did try out x68000x and the games all ran at playable speeds
  8. ace i have a 128mb xbox and the game only leaves 1mb free on my box
  9. got to be Monster Maulers! just downloaded and put it on the box and I can see why you are looking for this game. Its great!
  10. any body got a link to this yet if so please pm it to me thanks
  11. theres a doujin fighting game called Monster. check it out on youtube looks kickass wish someone could make it run on a modded box
  12. Thanks. How do i get the final burn cps2 core to work in r7 do i need to rename a Xbe and put it in the folder.
  13. how do you get the final burn cps2 core to work? On the last build I went into the romstatus.xml and changed Kights of Valor plus to launch the final burn core and it worked. ran very smooth. Could Martial Masters work off of the final burn core? I have a 128mb xbox.
  14. havent got around to x68000 thing yet but i did try out the zelda games and they ran smooth. i will try to get around to it soon. sorry had alot to take care of with my sons birthday and all
  15. runs all cps3 games but sf3 third strike runs out of memory. i will try that zelda game tonight when i get home and give you an update. no i dont have x68000. i can get and try it this weekend.
  16. i have 128 mb xbox but i do not have the upgraded cpu. but with just the upgraded ram final burn ledgends emu runs cps3 games and coinops runs alot better. n64 emu does do better but i use my modded wii for those games.
  17. sweet! please send me a link! thanks
  18. can i get a link too! thanks in advance
  19. sorry about just now getting around to this been busy with holiday stuff. i have a 128mb xbox w/ standard cpu. cps3 games do work in fbl. But for me to get them to work. This is crazy! I cant just turn on my box and boot fbl up and select a cps3 rom. It runs at about 5fps. But if i turn on my xbox. boot up coinops then exit coinops boot up fbl and start a cps3 rom it run about 40 fps w/simple 2x and bilinear at all resolutions. sf3 2nd impact and wazard are the only two cps3 roms i have that work. the others are not the right ones for fbl. warzard doesnt run as smooth as sf3 but it runs better than it does in cpx3 emu.
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