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  1. Scwheet, got the whole set bar the missing mslug5 file. Nice one!
  2. Great, thanks Prican25!! Also thanks guys for the help on the Romcenter clones
  3. Schweet, nice one! Okay, I leeched a post entitled fba-xxx pro 1.01 off Usenet a couple of days ago. Checking the Romcenter dat files for this set there's about 70 odd 'Red' ROMS. Just getting a few of those certain ROMS off of your new 1.06 Usenet post and replacing them turns them back to 'Green' One question - I can ignore 'Yellow' ROMS, yes? There's nothing wrong with them?
  4. Sweet, nice one. Only seems to be a handful of roms that need fixing off the last DAT though. Most are just bad ROM names, yes? Which is good cos I spent an age completing the set according to the last DAT and my heart sunk when I saw a corrected one
  5. Just grabbing it now PRican; nice one! Many thanks to all those involved!!
  6. Arggh, now you guys are just teasing us Any idea when it'll be ready for us mere mortals? Save me checking this thread every half hour
  7. Sweet, looking forward to it!
  8. Hey, just trying to tidy up my HD and am looking to seperate the ROMS that only work on FBA-XXX from my MameOX folder. I know there's some that don't work on MameOX such as the Psikyo games that do on Final Burn; don't spose anyone has a list? Ta.
  9. Can't wit to try this as well. 100 meg would be my preference too
  10. Ah OK, thanks for explaining Great news; boy I'm glad I've (almost) finished getting the complete set!
  11. Hmmm, spent the last week getting the complete romset but upon playing a few games they seem to run slower with more sound and slowdown probs than an old FBA-XXX PR build I've got Anyone have any suggestions as to why? I did a side by side on Metal Slug 4 and the old PR build runs it better on both Xboxes I tried...
  12. Me too; just spent the last couple of days trying to complete it but no joy at all on the newsgroups. For example I'm missing just one or two files from the romset and don't know how/ where to get or fix them: *snip*
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