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  1. Yes, fast food is about as good for you as eating your own crap. If you ask me, Its common knowledge fast food is that bad for you, and I think this lawsuit is total sh.t
  2. If your going to connect it to gnutella, why not just connect it to DirectConnect instead, you already have a hub, although this would take away the whole 100 posts required thing thing but wouldn't connecting it to gnutella do the same thing?
  3. is there enough ear wax to open a candle shop ? I doubt earwax could be used in candles, imagine the smell of earwax X100, in an earwax candle shop. It woulld really be disgusting
  4. it looks really good, I want to just eat it out of my computer screen. Damn I love steak lé magnifique, emsly, lé magnifique (just a wild guess, I never toook french)
  5. Gta:VC is a great game, but not the best ever, that title goes to Tetris, you just can't beat the addiction of tetris, because eventually, Gta will end,but tetris goes forever and ever and ever and ever...... I lost my brain playing GTA:VC, I lost my sanity playing tetris
  6. Yo hablo español==I speak spanish But that is about it, along with very little hebrew
  7. The origional Railroad Tycoon was an awesome game, epecially on my old mac Plus, But I don't remember if it fits the pre-1988 requirement, maybe someone couold help me on that. Operation:Desert Storm by bungie (makers of halo) was also a really good old mac game, But I can't remember if it was pre-1988 either. for some really good old mac games(abandonware) check here at the macintosh garden
  8. RTFA!(slashdot referrence) This e-bomb is just an emp-shockwave cannon, nothing more, nothing less. And magnis, I doubt its deadly at all, emp shockwaves deal with electronics, it won't do a thing to human flesh. Oddly enough, however, this will protect saddam from joan Rivers(no tv) maybe its a blessing in desguise
  9. There is emulation.net It has absolutley every mac emulator under the sun, no roms though
  10. Nothing like a quality q-top wont fix, trust me. I pull marbile size waxballs out of my ear, its really disgusting
  11. its practically full already, I just cant stop downloading movies and roms from DirectConnect, my latest obsession (and what's worse, I filled up an older 80 gig in 2 months before I got this, truly shamefull)
  12. Defintly lots better than my Geforce2mx Too bad time has passed my old faithfull by. You just cant get by on 350mhz machine with a 64meg 2mx and 384 megs of ram (':wink:')
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