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  1. Unless you're posting from the 90s or you live in a third world nation laserdisc downloads are no big deal anymore.
  2. I solved the Cliffhanger issue. Somehow the Daphne configuration did not have diagnostics set to "off"
  3. So, I have issues with 3 games on Daphne. All load, but Thayer's Quest When the thing starts up and booting it shows weird things on screen like communication link failed. And it doesn't respond to keyboard commands so I basically can't insert coins or do anything. GP Wolrd Has lots of errors (including no sound) and eventually crashes Cliffhanger Simply shows a weird screen of 0s and blinking 1s https://i.ibb.co/smbPR7H/cliff.jpg Any help is appreciated. Daphne forums haven't had posts in the last year so I didn't bother with that.
  4. check this song: http://home.nc.rr.com/gaira/xacrow.mp3
  5. since when do dumps have a pcb and an mvs version?? I don't remember that since the ancient days of NG emulation. Generally, do emulators only support the pcb version? or both?
  6. Are these legitimate dumps?? 269-c1e.bin 8mo CRC: 887b4068 269-c2e.bin 8mo CRC: 4e8903e4 269-c3e.bin 8mo CRC: 7d9c55b0 269-c4e.bin 8mo CRC: 8acb5bb6 269-c5e.bin 8mo CRC: 097a4157 269-c6e.bin 8mo CRC: e19df344 269-c7e.bin 8mo CRC: D8F0340B 269-c8e.bin 8mo CRC: 2570B71B 269-s1d.bin 512ko CRC: AD184232 269-p1.bin 4mo CRC: 38E2005E 269-p2.bin 4mo CRC: 6D13797C
  7. I have the 100mb zip. It also includes the encryped m1 and the v1d and v2d. Do emulators decrypt the V roms? Or should I keep these in the zip? Also, my v1d says A81DA99A and the french page says FF64CD56 is good. If I should keep the v1d which is the good one? huh?? There's more roms here? Bios PCB: 269-osj.bin 128ko CRC: DFF6D41F 269-oss.bin 128ko CRC: 142E97CC Since when do these exist? In the past I ran the game without them!!
  8. Thanks all I will check the page in french. About the "Kof 2004" is it an Internet made hack or dumped from a pirated board? Also, how many valid variants does SNK vs Capcom have (besides the encrypted set list here).
  9. I am sick of all these versions taking up my disk space, and no dats to verify which are the good ones. Can anyone please help me and give me a list of the GOOD (ie not hacked/decrypted C/whatever) rom set?? While we're at it what is the correct set for Samurai Shodown 5 and Kof2003?? Also, is there kof 2004? Thanks in advance.
  10. Yeah man, the game was officially released in arcades and arcade mvs kits are still sold today. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok thanks I'll delete the encrypted roms I have that are not like those in the pics. And keep the good ones.
  11. You mean no emus will play with with propper sound.
  12. thanks for the dat. Now, in my experience different CRCs (particularly for the C roms) means you have a bad rom. Because they can’t ALL be good, right?? So the roms in the picture must be the good one that will eventually show green in an updated romcenter dats (current dats don't have this game). Am I right?
  13. So anyone know for sure if the decrypted m1 for SS V special is out?
  14. So using just this m1 it only works with mame?? Also, isn't this the decrypted M1: 272-m1d.bin 512kb CRC: 74F37225 ? I don't have it but since this info exists isn't the decrypted m1 out??
  15. I have this complete 100% good encrypted rom set: 272-p1.bin 4mb CRC: 9291794D 272-p2.bin 4mb CRC: FA1A7DD8 272-c1.bin 8mb CRC: 4F97661A 272-c2.bin 8mb CRC: A3AFDA4F 272-c3.bin 8mb CRC: 8C3C7502 272-c4.bin 8mb CRC: 32D5E2E2 272-c5.bin 8mb CRC: 6CE085BC 272-c6.bin 8mb CRC: 05C8DC8E 272-c7.bin 8mb CRC: 1417B742 272-c8.bin 8mb CRC: D49773CD 272-m1.bin 512kb CRC: ADEEBF40 272-v1.bin 8mb CRC: 76A94127 272-v2.bin 8mb CRC: 4BA507F1 On what [if any] emus does this run?
  16. Are the roms shown here the 100% correct ones? Cause I have like 5 different versions or something
  17. Ghostlop is not encrypted, is it? Cause the C roms compress well. So how do I correct that dat file?? For MS5, does the encrypted set work on any emu? Also, I tried the dat file generator on powerin4.zip and it seemed to work.
  18. I just tried that with Ghostlop, I just got garbled graphics! Here's the dat it generated:
  19. Why are some of these dats lacking the [system] section? Also, I tried the Matrimelee dat on this thread and it just crashes nebula when I try to rescan roms Why is that And even my MS5 p and v roms are different than that dat on here! How is one supposed to know which are the good ones (by good I mean 100% non-hacked).
  20. How come I have these for SvC and SSV, the roms are 100% good according to romcenter yet they're different from what's shown here:
  21. darn! My encrypted C roms have crc 87a833d8 for the c1 and ff7428dd for the c2. Guess I have bad roms Also, what's the nebula dat for that?
  22. Hi. I am looking for the following Nebula dat files: Ghostlop Power Instinct 4 (Matrimelee) Samurai Shodown V Special Kof2003 Metal Slug 5 Question: Do encrypted roms exist for Samurai Shodown V, Kof2003, and SNK vs Capcom?? I only have decrypted roms for these. Would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
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