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  1. I guess I'm a few months late for the guide. Any way of reposting it Shibathedog i would be most appreciated. Thanks
  2. Thats cool maybe you can help me out. I would appriciate that a lot. hit me up at Anticon27@yahoo.com
  3. Do you mean get a new EEPROM from someone at this site or someone I know personally??? Cause I might have a lil trouble finding a modded xbox that doesn't go on live personally. and yea, Anticon isn't what it used to be... I need a new screen name although Sage Francis is still nice.
  4. Thanks a lot Prican25 I'll look into that. I've only had xbl for 2 months. Don't wanna let my 60 bucks go to waste.
  5. I have a modded system and my lil brother signed on live without putting the switch to off. Now when i sign on it gives me the modded xbox error sign. Is there anything i can do to get back on live without getting another xbox??? Maybe calling microsoft xbox support and lieing to them somehow? any help will be appreciated
  6. Just got my xbox modded and installed a 200 GB HD. So I'm ready for emulation. I have kawa-x installed already but I don't know if you can run KOF2003 on it. Is it availible on xbox yet? if so what emulator do I need??? Thanks for any help.
  7. I am having this problem with windows 2000 the loader isn't working right. it doesn't seem to have the games listed in load game that are in the asr.dat file. If anyone can help that would be most appreciated. thanks in advance.
  8. for anybody that needs the kawaks 1.48dev emulator only you can get it here. kawaks 1.48dev have fun
  9. hey i'm a newbie to emulation but i found this link to a "Supposedly kawaks emu for kof2k3" http://www.fileplanet.com/files/130000/135674.shtml I'm getting more familar with kawaks since its the only emulator that worked for me, (besides neorage) but I couldn't get kof to work on this. so if you guys can make kof2k3 work on this version (or post another link to the 1.48.dev that works)can u please let me know. Cause everytime i try to download the 1.48.dev the zip is always corrupt thanks in advance. (this site is really helpfull by the way )
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