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  1. New games? - just check out the 0.87 what's new.txt in the PC version. This has all the new additions...and some of the other games that were removed...like classic pong. To get a number of the new games to work, you still have to utilize and play around with VMM. I'm not adding any hacks or going back to previous code versions (ie. MK series). I'm trying to make future versions of PC MAME easy to intergrate into the XBox source (unless a major change in the PC version...like the controls...that I'm working on now) ...like I said once Halo 2 is out...there's going to be a fbaxxx & mameox work stoppage...in fact, I'll probably take some vacation days from my real job! Hours...never really thought about it...3-4 hrs a night/3-4 days a week - probably 15 hours a week...3 weeks = 45 hours total. And I get paid in real life $60/hr...$2700 in labor...you can pay me when the jobs finished! -djohng
  2. Other topic on FBA-XXX was getting extremely cluttered with discussions on my work on the MAMEoX updates. So I decided to start a dedicated topic for this work. -Update on the work. I'm finalized the core updates; everything compiles fine, but I need to work on the xbox controls, since the mame core has significant changes to the controls. The source work on mameox that I doing should help make future mame core updates an easier transition. Plus I'm documenting the heck out of the source code changes in this version, so others can follow in my "footsteps" -djohng PS - Dont' bother asking for feature requests, release dates, beta testing...etc. etc. If you want to comment on things you would like to have.. fine...its a free world! Just like with FBA-XXX source changes, I'm updating the MAMEoX for my own personal use. If others can build on my work great! That's my reasoning for sharing the source updates and documenting the work. Once I finish MAMEoX, I'll go back to FBA-XXX or Halo 2 whichever happens first
  3. No prelease/beta. No sample testing...etc. Just like with FBA-XXX, I'm working on this for myself, not for anyone else...and if the xbox community can benefit from my work..GREAT...that's why I share the source and the reason I'm documenting the heck out of the changes. No 2nd screenshot folder. The main focus is conversion to XBox compatibility. Most likely 0.88 will be out soon; so when it does come out, the work I've done on 087 will make the transition to 0.88 core easy. Maybe something to add later, but it's not on my list of todo... And no problems updated the mame core...just a couple of code changes for compatibility with games; Main problems are the controls; changes in the mame core have affected the xbox controls; lots of tedious - mind numbing changes with the xbox core. Be patient...cause once Halo2 is out...all fbaxxx/mameox work comes to a complete an utter standstill! -and BTW its... djohng
  4. ....damn..I think you should get some serious help......anticipation is gonna kill you....or at least make it pretty messy at your house!
  5. 10/14 Thurs 1130pm Central...working from Chicago on my real job.....late night in a hotel...thought I would check the forums.... I should have a new fba-xxx out late Sunday, if I have time to finish the changes over the weekend. I'll start a new thread, so it will be easier to locate the download link. And I'll just include a.xbe...no more patches, unless I get pushback from the forum's moderators. I think it's ridculous since the patch is as large as the.xbe file. Also on another subject regarding MAMEoX 0.87.....before I jumped on a plane flight early Wed morning...I successfully compiled the new version, and "hand-wrote" the source code changes while fixing a number of compile errors late Tues night. (and then a new version of mame came out Thurs - 87u3...go figure!) I DID NOT get to test the compiled xbe on my xbox before I left...so I don't know if it works...but the source code changes were minor, so I don't think it shouldn't be a problem... UPDATE...I tested it on Friday night; there are some issues with the controls on MAMEoX, so I'm reviewing the old source vs. new source to see what actually changed in the mame source...haven't jumped into FBA-XXX since MAMEoX is my priority right now. -djohng
  6. Romshare forums. Use the search function and search on the CRC code of the rom. (ie. 0x2a32ab3d would be 2a32ab3d entered in the search) And there's a combiner/splitter program available also that splits or combines the roms for a number of them also...instructions are also on those forums.
  7. A number of the CRCs come from Romshare forums. And most of them are patched or from partial source code that was in IQ_132 forums. I have all of the harder to find roms from patching or searching...otherwise I wouldn't be able to test the source. (I have a full set based on my source so keep looking....and patching.) -djohng
  8. ..actually...I've been working on 0.87+ MAMEoX...with the latest source code, to get the xbox version up to date with the PC version. Especially, with the recent driver updates in the MAME code...and fixing a few last minute bugs... I'm also working on a source control document, that will help others who want to follow in my footsteps and compile there own updated versions. The MAMEoX source documentation is horrid when it comes to intergrating updated versions of MAME source. I'm trying to make it easier and more documented when 0.88++ is eventually released. ...and of course work/family/travels have stopped some of the easier fbaxxx drivers being added. (I'm spending whatever free-time on MAMEoX). I checked on another board and noticed some great additions of the MS4-5 Plus drivers and other neogeo drivers being updated. If I have time during my Chicago work-trips this week, I'll start compiling a list of additions to my version fba-xxx. -take care djohng
  9. Use the version, I posted in the "how to compile FBA-xxx." The source is available too. So, if you don't like what I've done...compile your own version... -djohng
  10. Already added to the build...plus a couple of other requests like ms4plus... -djohng
  11. Actually, my version of FBA-XXX samsh5p driver has the fatalities added in MVS mode. There's no need to hack the original roms, the driver includes the fatailities fix. Check out the source and you'll see... I've been playing the fatalities in MVS mode; and I've also included the AES original version 1.0 without the fatailities for a comparision or for the young kids that play on my cabinet. -djohng
  12. If you can list the ones your looking for, I'll probably have the (hacked) roms somewhere that I could try over the weekend. Though..I'm finishing some drywall in the basement bar/gameroom over the weekend.... Just PM me with a list...I'll see about adding them on Sunday. -djohng
  13. default xbe or mamexbe? which file is needed to patch? Read the included "readme.txt" file in the download.
  14. +T+ The point of updating the code is not to go backwards with older source. I understand a number of people want the DCS hack for Midway games, but if you want the MW games then I would recommend going back to version 071.3 I keep this DCS version on my cab, just for that reason and the newer version for the other games. I may look into additional drivers for the new version...ie Midway DCS Hack Driver...and then the regular updated one just to compare speeds...I'll have to look at the older source and see if I can locate the exact code. NO PROMISES! As I have said in my previous posts, I'm making these updated versions for my boXcade cab, and not for the masses...if you can capitalize on my work...GREAT...I'm happy to share. -djohng
  15. Unfortunately for my boXcade cabinet that I'm using, it has an x-arcade development board inside. The newer source code of fbaxxx has the controls fixed, versus the other older versions...that's my main driver for using the newer source... A quick/dirty way to implement the newer drivers in the old versions of source is to pull the d_neogeo.cpp file and the driverlist.h file. This will give you the newer neogeo games. I have modified some of the other neogeo files to fix issues with the mslug games...you'll have to test your games to verify if you have issues or not. The other "debug" games were added via the driverlist.h file and selecting "include" for their respective sources in the resource window. I've just finished another new release. Links are: http://www.thraxen.com/emu1/fba092104_djohng.rar http://www.thraxen.com/emu1/fba092104_src.rar Since the latest fbaxxx.xbe is working fairly well for me...I'm going to start work on updating the MAMEoX084.3 src to the latest MAME087 that was released earlier today. I think more people will enjoy testing some of the newer games...thoughts? -djohng
  16. Correction: Encrypted Vs have been released + a tool to decrypt them. Check the official Samsho5sp thread (latter half). That's great, but I tried the tool, and I have 2 issues, once I use these files: 1) Game locks up with a warning. And you can't get past it without implementing the universal bios 2 in AES mode. 2) The sound in the game with these new decrypted files sounds like hell. Lots of static, and misqued sounds...girl voices for men, etc. Kindof funny, but the original crcs roms I'm using, sound a lot better!. I've put the source for the files in the d_neogeo.cpp if you want to uncomment them and compile your own version. -djohng
  17. Update: mslug4nd sound problems-fixed The bad sound is related to roms themselves, not VMM or anything else. I checked the latest driver crcs for mslug4nd in neomame, and I've matched these in the source....and now we have great sound in mslug4nd. I suspect, a number of people are using the old source of fbaxxx that does not have crcs implemented for a number of the missing roms; thus when you use clrmame or romcenter, it just pulls the files that are missing without checking the crcs. I use the crcs for the roms, because this lends more easily with checking problems with the source code vs. problems with having the correct roms. cthd2003 - I suspect the same thing is happening here or the decryption routine is messed up. Because the decrypted version works well. samsh5sp - No M rom has been released. Until this is released...this is the best that's available. (ss5 md rom). -djohng
  18. It's the way the ini file is written at startup. If no ini exists, then the default setting for sound is 0....which is none...so neogeo will lock, because it's looking for FM interpolation...its a bug...but I wasn't worried about this one...I figured everyone knew about it...go figure?! If more bugs are found, I may update, and fix this setting...
  19. You have to enable sound in the neogeo menu before starting the game. It's FM interpolation...then everything works fine.
  20. It's uploaded both patch and source code. Have fun, play around with it, etc. DATs are included, patch, jpg, etc. etc. Thank Thraxen for hosting the files! -djohng Links are: http://www.thraxen.com/emu1/fbaxxx_djohng1.rar http://www.thraxen.com/emu1/fba_src_091704.rar
  21. ...if you don't like it...don't download it...or even better, compile your own version that fixes whatever problem you perceive. I'm working on this version for myself and my boXcade cabinet...and anyone else that wants to play with it. There's always going to be code to fix and drivers to be added and tweaked. ....as far as I'm concerned, I don't hear any lag/crackle/etc. vs.what I have seen in the real SVC neogeo cab game in my basement. I just verified this again with my basement real cab and my version of fbaxxx....no issues with sound??!!
  22. It's been a few days since I posted...a couple of quick updates from my build... 1) I have everything working with the MS3,4,5 games...with the exception of the warning screen on ms4 being garbled but, Prican tells me this is normal. 2) All of the "banned games", homebrew neogeo & debug games have been added...so you can play around with Shinobi and Outrun in this build. 3. Add SS5S, with Fatalities code, so no unibios 2 required. I'm still working on getting the sound...update...FIXED/Finished 4. Have to test the DAT generation...before I added the SS5S driver it was working...I'm assuming it works but I have to test it. update...WORKS ...I can't think of anything else....(there's the multiple rom checking bug...but I'll work on cleaning that later.) I'll make a patch for the 09/01 fbaxxx_mame.xbe, and include the DATs (and if your nice, I may include a patch for the fbaxxx_old.xbe...but no promises!) ...and if anyone is interested in hosting the complete source...I may release this also... UPDATE DONE! Anyone volunteering to host the patch & dats? -djohng
  23. Prican25; I have mslug4 working. Though I still have samsh5nd still giving an error halfway through loading...frustrating!
  24. I dont have that problem...with mslug4 the text graphics are garbled, but rotd works great...I think the decryption routine in the driver is messed up... mslug4nd works great...no issues. The other mslugs are fine also I've got everything fixed except for the latest samsh5sp and samsh5sn...it will lock the game list when I scroll to it...frustrating... Anyone have a driver that they have found sucessfull with fbaxxx that can post the source? -djohng
  25. Yes, I included the s-roms in the build. It's better on my nerves, since each change requires a compile. As for the dat files...who doesn't have FTP access to their XBox??? how do you run the emulator? on a burned DVD each time?...god I feel for you.. Again, I'll include the DAT files from my version to compare... Fixed the bug with scrolling locking up in the neogeo list...now to finalize the SS5S drivers... -djohng
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