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  1. Thraxen: Did you first delete the MAMEoX save file from the xbox dashboard? I found this to work if a new version of mameox was not detected...you know during the initially seq. if it doesn't work. As long as the roms are named properly than they'll show up in the list. ..also the crystal bios games are listed as starting with "The"; not what you think they should be! List the roms by year not by name and go to 2001+, you'll see what I mean...it threw me for a little bit till I figured it out. -djohng
  2. I only want to be accepted by my family, the 1emulation forum group and all my fellow xboxers...sniff...sniff..... ...'tears'... ...oh.come on...how about a group hug from everyone in the forum thread... ...where's the love?? ------ HK$: Just sit back, relax and enjoy all the great things we can do with the XBox...if the MAME developers are so concerned about the 3 year rule...they need to take out Pac-man, Centipede, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Millipede, and all of the old games coming out in 20th anniversary cabinets....since they are still making money in arcades!
  3. Two vertical "dashed" blue lines? Wait a little bit...this is the normal boot process...about 15 secs...then you should get the "insert coins" then title screens... Work fine. -djohng
  4. HK$: Nothing is illegal about adding drivers to mameox...the illegal aspect is about collecting roms you don't own!! Bendermike: What systems, if any, are you adding to mame0x from the recent 0.90 source? I will add more systems and send the source to you to include in your releases...I just don't want to work on the same ones that your working on...call it a joint effort! thanks -djohng
  5. ...and I don't think there's any source available?! so without this, nice features that get developed are limited to those versions...and will take a lot longer for me to add, since most of my attention at this time is on fba-xxx. -djohng <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hi, Modified Sources are normally packaged with it If users don't.....not my fault <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks found the source in the 08/01 release. You just save a ton of time for me...back to fba-xxx... -djohng
  6. ...and I don't think there's any source available?! so without this, nice features that get developed are limited to those versions...and will take a lot longer for me to add, since most of my attention at this time is on fba-xxx. -djohng
  7. It also brings up the CPS2 drivers to latest mame090 release code. If I recall there are a few other drivers that have been added since 084... regards djohng
  8. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On the surface...thats fine...but you need to look further! xport said "I have not taken over the MAMEoX project. I had a specific goal of implementing virtual memory into MAMEoX to breathe new life into the project. I'm hoping that the original maintainers will pick up the project again. I may implement new MAME cores and/or features, but it is not "my" project, so my level of interest is generally lower than my other ports" So with that...your welcome.
  9. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ...geesh there are literally a hundred developers for MAME..and...no one else can develop MAMEoX?? only xport...I guess I better ask him for permission to update an open source project. .....oops wait a minute...we've already emailed each other....but you weren't privy to that....and the issues with implementing MAME084u4 universal controls into the xbox source. (xport will also get the updated 090 source...and he already has some of it with the MAMEoX087 source.) If your so worried about this stuff and you can code/compile MAMEoX yourself...why are you reading this forum...and downloading the patch from the FTP site??? With all this...I may take a break from XBox coding and leave it to the "experts"!....so long FBA XXX-treme.... -djohng
  10. MAMEoX an active project! ...your kidding?...I'm the only one that I know of that's working on it. The other developers have moved onto other projects...I have a semi working MAMEoX.090 version, and I won't release this until I can fix a few serious crash-related items...this patch is from that base source code of MAMEoX 090. And KAWA-X source has never been released...so it's a little hard to add drivers to it, if you dont have the source...say a few simple byte hacks...which anyone can do... And FBA-XXX...any code I have developed is passed onto Gogoackman who has taken over the FBA-XXX project...since other developers have also moved on...if he doesn't want to implement the new code...thats fine...how do you think TMNT, Afterburner, Outrun have sound now; as well as other neogeo drivers are working...(I do not take credit for the base code; only implementing it into an XBox compatible version)? Let's not get into FBA..PC version..open source is open source. You act as if there is no one else out here that can code for the XBOX?? The patches I release are direct compiles of the new code that I add. The only reason I release patches is per the wishes of the forum moderators; these are not hacks like KAWA-X. It is too bad that the source for KAWA-X has not been released or sent via PM to me, as I would update it to the latest Winkwaks 1.52 level. ...does the KAWA-X author want to contact me? Please PM if your interested. Prican25: How do you know the author passed it on to Razzola...god I haven't heard that name in a long time! Why would the author pass the code onto someone whose not going to update it?? What a loss to the XBox homebrew community, if its true...I actually like KAWA-X, and have been searching for the author & source code to continue development of it... -djohng
  11. The CPS2 driver is identical to the MAME090 (with the exception of some MAMEoX084B3 specific code added). I have all 3 roms showing on the list; progear, progearj, progeara...progearj runs also...it's interesting because the japanese version has additional speech vs. the english version. progeara does not is missing 2 roms. -djohng
  12. ...sheesh...give some love...and what do I get in return?...lemons. Just kidding! Sure. I can put the latest 090 neogeo driver in, and bring it up to date. What new ones were you thinking of SVC, kof2003...Metal Slugs... To be honest...the reason I did this was for Progear, since FBAXXX is having problems with the driver. FBA-XXX has the latest neogeo drivers already added. I was thinking about just a CPS1/2-NeoGeo MAMEoX derivative similar to Neomame089 that been out for a while...but I would rather put my energy into FBA... thoughts??? -djohng
  13. What are you using to delete the save? UnleashX Avalaunch etc.? You must use the MS Dashboard to delete the save; and then MAMEoX (patched) will load and say detecting new version ...and then you have to change the rom directories to point to your roms...then go into the [mameox menu] and search for new roms. Works for me...already tested the patch and uploaded to my xbox..you also have to rename the new file back to mameox.xbe...I should just take care of it with deleting the old file with the patch batch file...but it helps with testing...the new file should be 39,896k vs. the old of 39,872k -djohng
  14. Thanks. Nice little program once I figured it out. Patch being uploaded to FTP, along with simple batch file to run and patch automatically. This patch must be applied to mameox084B3 with lightgun support (latest version on xbins) Link to FTP on first post. -djohng
  15. NO. Even though iriez has offered for the mameox 084+ version and source (actually ver 090 now), but until that's ready, a simply hack like this is just that...simply adding a driver in the existing source and recompiling. -djohng
  16. And if the source was actually released...hint hint..Mr. X/Mhz.then we could add these games w/out hexing the cr-p out of it...and program like experts...instead of hackers! -djohng
  17. no...doesnt work because it's looking for bin/iso of the same sizes...or files of the same size to patch...ppf is a byte swapping program. Still need something like ips but can exceed 16M to create a patch. -djohng
  18. Good idea on ppf...I'll try that...any good windows based ppf programs I should use? The 16M limit is IPS format per the Lunar IPS program I use... -djohng
  19. ...that's why I'm asking... ...wouldn't want to cause any problems! Do you know if there is a way to exceed the 16M IPS limit? -djohng
  20. That's interesting...I don't have any frameskip...it runs as well as winkawaks...?! strange. -djohng
  21. All: MAMEoX 084B3 with PROGEAR (and updated all CPS2 drivers to MAME090!) Since FBA is having problems with Progear, I decided to work on MAMEoX with Progear... it works great...now I have an emulator that I can play this game on the XBOX, though I'm still working on the fba code... One thing you need to do is delete your MAMEoX save from the MS Dashboard or else the game will not show in the game list. And enable VMM from the MAMEoX menu. Patch must be applied to MAMEoX084B3 w/ Lightgun update. This is located on xbins. I've also added a batch file to make the patching process simple. Happy gaming... -djohng Link to patch: http://www.thraxen.com/emu1/mox-progear.rar [Donations accepted via the Atkshop ]
  22. I do have it added in my newest build...working on getting it to run in fba-xxx. Other people have issues with getting it to run in pc fba. I've tried it in winkawaks 1.52 and its a pretty slick game...different than a lot of the other CPS2 games. -djohng
  23. Added a patch for Gogoackman 02/01/2005 release on the first post. -djohng
  24. The burndriver errors have to do with the driverlist.h file. To make a new driverlist.h, you run the driverlist.bat file...but only if you add new drivers, including CPS2...which I have been doing and updating the driverlist.h file. I'm not sure what drivers where giving the errors, but gogo's layout is slightly different than mine... -djohng
  25. I think I know what the issue is...there are 4 files that are in the "examples/common/src/include" directory in the xbox development environment. In the FBA-xxx source this is at the very top in the common folder. Check to make sure these are being included and in the same directories as your machine. I have my development kit installed in c:\xboxsdk...not c:\program files\ms xbox sdk This should solve your problem. -djohng
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