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  1. If you think Metal Slug 4 and Samurai Shodown 5 are locking up, you need to wait. Since these are the encrypted sets...it take a loonnnggg...time to decrypt and load....that's why decrypted roms were put into emulators in the first place...fast loading times (it's all relative...still takes some time for the decrypted sets.) As for IPS patch and source...as soon as I resolve one outstanding bug...I'll release it. (I have a lockup in the neogeo list when I scroll at the bottom...most likely a driver conflict I need to resolve with SSVS decrypted and encrypted sets...I may just comment out the encrypted set... (I'm trying to minimize..."hey this doesn't work...can you modify?"...) And for anyone asking...I'm only working on the MAME set drivers, since that's what I keep on my development PC..and my boXcade cabinet...I'll also add the DAT files for comparision. -djohng
  2. All: I'm working on a version of FBAXXX that doesn't have any of the issues listed here. Everytime I see someone mention an issue, I've checked my version and I don't have it. Metal Slug 4 works without locking. and Samurai Showdown 5 both versions run great. Metal Slug 3, 4 & 5 do not have graphics issues, with the exception of the "warning" screen" being garbled on MS4 encrypted, but I think that's a bad rom dump...the rest of the text is fine. MS4nd doesn't have a garbled warning screen...so I'll probably reencrypt this rom to see if I have the same problem. I've also added all of the debug drivers and homebrew neogeo roms...just for kicks. And the newest 2 sets for SS5 Special...had them working last night without any issues...other than the V & M roms not being available... -djohng
  3. Prican, you made me tonight with the appropriate use of the smile icons... -djohng
  4. Is it ok to post new / modified source code? djohng
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