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Ever heard of such a thing?

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OK I took a gamble and picked up a 2nd hand PAL SNES from a car boot sale for £2 with no cables (console only).

When I got it home I was able to test it with the peripherals from my good SNES.

When I plugged it in the red light came on! I then tried 3 different PAL cartridges - the screen went white for all 3?

Was just about to call it a day and take it to the trash when I dug out my Japanese copy of 'New 3d golf simulation' for the Famicom (which gives a black screen on my good SNES). Plugged it into the SNES I got from car boot and to my amazement it bloody well booted up!!!

I checked to make sure SNES was a PAL and it was - so WTF is going on here!?


1. It won't play PAL - gives a white screen.

2. Will play Japanese.

3. Says it's a PAL machine underneath.


Anyone got any thoughts?

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Perhaps someone gutted it and swapped in an NTSC board? That's my guess.


Anyway, I've got a Canadian SNES mini and it crashes if you so much as poke it if you're playing a North American game, but if I put in a Japanese game, I don't have any trouble at all!

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So I finally got to the bottom of this!


I turned the SNES upside down and on the lip between the RF & power sits a little switch with a sticker saying 50hz/60hz.

You flick it depending on whether you are playing NTSC or PAL - very professionally done.


It was set to 60hz when I originally posted.

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